Monday, January 13, 2014

Football God Update 1-13

Things are coming down to the end.  Conference championships are set.

You received 20 points for each correct prediction in this.

Big Ups go to Joe who predicted all 4 of the conference champions to get himself back into things.

Also, the wildcard and divisional rounds of the playoffs were worth 5 points for each pick'em correct.

Here is where each of those stand

Conf Preseason Prediction

Joe 80
Rob 40
Colin 40
Munez 40
John 40
Andrew 40
Jim 40
Adam 20
Shawn 20
Folden 20

Playoff Pick'em

Joe 25
Rob 20
Colin 15
Andrew 15
Adam 15
Folden 15
Jim 10
Shawn 10
Munez 0
John 0

So, with only a few weeks left, here are where our points are

1. Colin 687
2. Rob 664
t3. Shawn 614
t3. Joe 614
5. Jim 599
6. Adam 598
7. Andrew 572
8. Folden 540
9. John 470
10. Munez 465

The conference championship games are worth 10 points each in predictions so make sure you get those picks in.

Additionally, going forward.  The only predictions that are yet to come in are the NFL individual awards and the Super Bowl winner and participants.

To get an idea of how people are trending.  You would need to take a look at the predictions document i sent you all.

Currently, Joe, John, and Rob have both of their superbowl teams and their winner left.

7 people altogether still have their Superbowl winner playing.

Although Shawn is in 3rd place, he is trending downward.  No more Superbowl points available.

The indi awards are what's really going to spell things out.  Currently,  Andrew, Joe, Munez, and Jim all have Manning winining the MVP and O-POY award.  This is likely to happen, which could bring Andrew, Jim, and Joe all into the mix for things.

All that being said.  I haven't the slightest fucking clue.  Let's wait and see what happens next week, then we should have an idea of where we will end up.

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