Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Football God 9/16 Update

First week of the regular NFL season done, second week of the college football season done.  Let's get a short idea of where we stand.

Week 1 college pick'em bonus (5 points) was a tie between Eplin, Geiss, and myself.  Last week, Eplin texted me, upset that he didn't realize we were picking college against the spread.  Said he would have changed a few picks.  

Two things about this.  #1 Eplin's the only person I've ever seen who complained after winning a week.  #2  In week two, when he knew we were picking against the spread, he finished in dead last place.  Maybe you should go back to being unaware, David.  

Week 2 combined pick'em bonus was won by me, I scored a combined 24 points.  Jim was right behind with 23. 

Week 1 of Fantasy Football went as follows.

Folden put a SPANKING on Civ.  
Eplin beat Rob.
Jim beat Me.
Gary beat Joe
Voyten kicked the living shit out of Geiss
Colin beat Munez

In the Survivor Pool, everyone lasted through week 1 without getting a strike.  Exceepppppttt Jim.  Jim picked the Colts, who flew to Buffalo to get on their knees and give the Bills the most submissive rimjob I've ever seen. 

No point updates this week.  Would be a waste of time this early.  

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