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Football God: Week 13 Professional Edition

Another week in the books. Let's start with some predictions for the week. This is our first real shake up as far as Super Bowl predictions go. San Diego and Philadelphia both fell to 4-7 this week, which gives us the ability to make our first cuts in the Superbowl winners.

Bono had Philly, John and I had San Diego. It's pretty safe to assume that none of us will be winning this year. All together, there were 5 people who had one of those teams in the Superbowl, with Colin and Chris each having one of those teams in the Superbowl, but losing

Seven people had Philadelphia playing for the NFC championship. 3 had San Diego.

9 of the 12 of us had San Diego winning the AFC West, with Jim and Shawn picking Denver, and Folden taking the Raiders. As of now, it looks like those three are the only ones with chances to get points there.

In the NFC East, 9 out of 12 people picked Philadelphia to win the division, with Shawn, Simon, and myself being the only three to pick Dallas. The only person that didn't have Philadelphia in the playoffs this year was Simon.

Fantasy Football

Things took another crazy shake up in fantasy football this week. Here's your week recap.

Simon (5-6) v Folden (5-6)- This was an elimination game of sorts. Folden has been streaky all year, starting off 0-3, winning 5 in a row, and now losing 4 in a row. Folden's team has depended on Vick and Steven Jackson all year. They didn't show up and Simon took advantage of it. Simon got big games from Jimmy Graham and Sebastian Jankowski of all people.

Jim (6-5) v Andrew (7-4) -Andrew got hit with the same treatment from Drew Brees as I did from Tom Brady this year, with Brees putting up about 100 points in the two games he played against Jim this year. Jim got off of his slide to push himself back in position for a bye, while Andrew took a hit to fall back closer to the pack.

The Glove (4-7) v Adam (6-5) - I went into this game on a league best 6 game winning streak, while Munez came in winner of 3 of his last 4 games. Munez's team played well, kicking the shit out of my team. Munez moves to 5-7, keeping his fantasy playoff chances alive. In his 2 games against me this year, Munez has earned 40% of his wins, with Tom Brady scoring 102 points in the two games combined. I fall to 6-6, and my once strong team is in serious jeopardy with Fred Jackson, Ahman Bradshaw, and D-McFadden all going down to injury in the recent weeks.

Geiss (5-6) v Colin (7-4) Colin came into this game with the chance to basically lock up a playoff spot for his team. Geiss came in trying to hold onto the last playoff spot. Geiss rode the recent stellar play of Chris Johnson and was able to overtake Colin, despite Beanie Wells running for 1,000 yards this weekend. Geiss moves to 6-6, while Colin loses his 3rd in his last 4 games to fall to 7-5.

Bono (5-6) v Shawn (5-6)- This was another elimination type game, with Shawn pulling out a tight win against Bono. Bono dealt with receiver inconsistencies again, while Shawn got good outings from both Roddy White and Eric Decker. That was the difference.

McLane Bowl II
Joe (6-5) vs John (5-6)

John made an effort this week in Football God, and did pretty well for himself. John came back from his loss to Joe at the beginning of the season to pull himself to 6-6 on the season. It's amazing that if he had paid attention all year to this, he would probably be in first place in the fantasy league. John got solid play from his line-up as well a big game from Roy Helu to beat Joe.


Colin 7-5
Andrew 7-5
Jim 7-5
Joe 6-6
Adam 6-6
Geiss 6-6
Simon 6-6
Shawn 6-6
John 6-6
Bono 5-7
Munez 5-7
Folden 5-7

Playoff Scenarios

Here I'm going to detail for you guys, what each person needs to make the playoffs with only two weeks left.


Colin 7-5 vs (Andrew 7-5, & Folden 5-7)

Colin only needs one more win to clinch a playoff birth. He plays Andrew & Folden. Colin has lost 3 of his last 4, but his team is so strong that winning one more shouldn't be a problem. Also, Colin is leading the league in points, so one more win would realistically give him any advantage in a tie break situation.

Andrew 7-5 vs (Colin 7-5, & Shawn 6-6)

Andrew is in the same situation as Colin, except he's not as for sure of a thing as Colin is. Andrew is in 3rd in points, and would most likely be able to win in a tie break situation. However, you never know what can happen. What's for sure is that next week Andrew and Colin are playing in a game that will put one of them in the playoffs for sure, and have the other in a likely elimination situation in the last week of the season. Andrew or Colin could still lose out and get in, if things fall their way. But we won't know that until the smoke clears in two weeks.

Jim 7-5 vs (Folden 5-7, & John 6-6)

Jim is in a similar situation as Colin and Andrew. He has the second most points in the league, and is one win away from making the playoffs. He could still lose both of his games and make the playoffs, however it's not for sure.


Adam 6-6 vs (Bono 5-7, & Geiss 6-6)

I'm still in the playoff picture, but my team had almost a double loss this past week. I lost my game, but I also put up very few points, too. This could come to bite me in the ass in a tie breaking situation. If I beat Bono and put up a lot of points next week, I'll likely be in, however it could come down to me and Geiss, head-to-head, playing for a playoff spot.

Geiss 6-6 vs (Shawn 6-6 & Adam 6-6)

Geiss is in a situation where he controls his own destiny, and his two games left are against people who control there own destiny too. Geiss has a lot of points so a win and two strong showings should get him in. Two wins will for sure.

Joe 6-6 vs (Simon 6-6 & Jim 7-5)

Joe has a lot of points, just like Geiss and I. So, a win would and a loss would likely put him in the playoffs in any tie breaking situation.


Simon 6-6 vs (Joe 6-6 & John 6-6)

Simon has the twins to close out the season, and is pretty close in points to Geiss, who sits in 6th. Simon controls his own destiny too, but if he loses any of his two games left, he's going to need a team in front of him to lose a game to get into the playoffs. Luckily, Geiss & I play in the last game of the season, so if he loses to Joe, he can still sneak into the playoffs if he puts up enough points to win a tiebreak.

Shawn 6-6 vs (Geiss 6-6 & Andrew 7-5)

Shawn is in a similar situation as Simon, however winning out doesn't necessarily put him in the playoffs. It likely would be enough to get him in, however he would need to make up some slack in the points department

John 6-6 vs (Munez 5-7 & Simon 6-6)

John is in a pretty decent situation, because he doesn't play any of the power houses to finish out the year, and can simply win out and still make the playoffs. His biggest issue is that this dude isn't beating anybody in a tie break situation, so one more loss and he's done. Luckily, there are enough people playing teams in front of him that if he wins out he will most likely make the playoffs.


Folden 5-7 vs (Jim 7-5 & Colin 7-5)

Folden has a huge uphill battle here. He needs to beat the two best teams in the league to finish off the year, and also hope that a lot of teams in front of him lose. And, unless his team puts up 200 points each of the next two weeks, he's not beating anybody in the tie break. But, all's not lost for him yet. All he can do is finish strong and hope for the best. Folden needs to hope that Munez and Bono can win out, and that he can out point them.

Bono 5-7 vs (Adam 6-6 & Munez 5-7)

Bono is in a tough situation as well. He needs to win out, plain and simple, and also hope for the best. It's likely over for him. However, if his team can put together a couple of 150 point games, as it did early in the season, he may be able to squeeze in to the post season.

Munez, "The Glove" 5-7 vs (John 6-6, & Bono 5-7)

The Glove is winning the little engine that could award from me this year. He started the season 1-6, but is likely done for the year. However, if he can finish off at .500, just like Bono and Folden, he could find his way into the playoffs. It's very unlikely at this point for all three of those guys to make the playoffs, but you never know.

Fantasy Thoughts.

The difference record wise between first place and twelfth place in this league is 7-5 and 5-7. Two games seperate first and last, which is pretty outstanding.

Two weeks ago, Andrew was 7-3 and almost a sure thing to make the playoffs. He has since lost two straight games, and one more loss could put him in danger of missing the playoffs.

Munez was 1-6, 7 games into the season. He is 4-1 since.

Bono has only scored over 100 points since week 3 of this season.

I am 0-4 against the 3 teams at the bottom of the standings this year, and 6-2 against everybody else.

Pro Pick 'em

Joe and John tied at the top with 13 correct predictions, with me bringing up the rear with 9. Joe had 25 points total this week, and took down the 5 point bonus. Next week is the last week for the 5 point bonus for the season.

Overall Scores

college pick 'em + pro pick 'em + fantasy football 10 points per win + (bonus)= total

Shawn 146+115+60+(15)=336
Andrew 146+109+70+(10)=335
Adam 141+100+60+(10)=311
Munez 141+100+50=291
Geiss 137+109+60+=306
Simon 136+112+60+(5)=313
Folden 136+119+50+(10)=315
Colin 134+124+70+(15)=343
Bono 134+112+50+(15)=311
Joe 131+106+60+(10)=307
Jim 126+112+70+(5)=313
John 75+84+60=219

Overall Rankings

1. Colin 343 (even)
2. Shawn 336 (^1)
3. Andrew 335 (-1)
4. Folden 315 (-1)
t5. Simon 313 (^3)
t5. Jim 313 (^2)
t7. Bono 311 (-2)
t7 Adam 311 (-2)
9. Joe 307 (even)
10. Geiss 306 (even)
11. Munez 291 (even)
12. John 219 (even)

So after taking a week off, Simon and Jim are back to being tied. I'm interested to see where we all stand next week after the smoke clears on college predictions. Check your points. Check mine. Until next week, I love you all.

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