Sunday, November 27, 2011

Football God: Week 13 College Edition.

Let's start with each conference, from the top.


Clemson vs Va Tech next Saturday

Jim's the only person that can still win points here.

WAC, MWC, SEC, Sun Belt.

None of us scored any points. It was looking pretty good for the people who picked Nevada to win the WAC, until they blew their last two games of the season.

Big 10

Wisconsin vs Mich St

Still in it: Shawn, Adam, Bono, Munez, Joe, Geiss, Andrew.

If Wisconsin wins then all 7 of us get points. If Mich St does, nobody does.

Conference USA

Thank God this one finally got figured out.

It's down to Southern Miss vs Houston

Adam, Bono, Simon are the only ones who can still win points there. If Houston wins the three of us get points, if Southern Miss wins, then nobody does.

Pac 12

Oregon vs UCLA

still in it: Everybody except for me, Colin, and Simon had Oregon winning the Pac 12. So if Oregon wins the other 9 people get points.


The cluster fuck that is the MAC sorted out this weekend too. It's down to Ohio vs Northern Illinois

Myself and Simon had NIU
Geiss and Munez had Ohio

Big 12

Oklahoma vs OK ST

It's kind of nice for the Big 12 that their first year without a conference championship, their last game worked out for them to be basically a conference championship. If OU wins we all get points. If not, none of us do, so it's kind of a wash for all of us.

Big East

WVU, Louisville, Cinci.

Pretty simple here. If WVU wins, they at least earn a share of the conference championship. So everyone that had WVU would get the points.

In College Football Pick 'em this week, Simon, myself, and Joe all finished with 12. The totals are below for the season.

Shawn 146
Andrew 146
Adam 141
Munez 141
Geiss 137
Simon 136
Folden 136
Colin 134
Bono 134
Joe 131
Jim 126
John 75

Next week, we will have all of the prediction points in for college football, except for the winner of the national championship game. I"ll be back with more totals for NFL tomorrow.

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