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Football God Week 10 - UPSET SUNDAY/monday

So, I'm not going to do a college predictions catch up, I'm going to wait until next week. By then, we should have a clear picture of some thins. Instead, I'm going to focus on how fucking crazy fantasy football was this week. And, when we get to the standings, I think it's going to be surprising how close this is.

Andrew (5-3) v Folden (5-3)

This was the only game this week that was between two teams with winning records, and it wasn't even close. Andrew figured out that the best way to beat a guy on a hot streak is to score 160 goddamn points against him. Andrew moves to 6-3, Folden loses for the first time since week 3, moving to 5-4.

Now for the fun. The next 5 games were between the teams that are 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 in the standings, against someone with a winning record. And, you know how they all turned out. All 5 of the worse teams won! In(fuckin)sanity.

Colin 6-2 v Adam 3-5

I'll start by talking about this one, because there is a personal story that comes along with this game. I was in Buffalo this week, and Colin and I made plans to hang out Sunday for the football games. Sunday morning, I got a text informing me I was being cancelled on so Colin could do FUCKING HOUSE WORK. This was the Football God's way of paying me back for this unmanly act. And keep in mind. Colin and I are good friends. We were in the same fraternity. He lived in the same house as me for a year. I was in his fucking wedding 5 MONTHS AGO.

So because of that, I want to thank my team for whoopin that monkey ass all weekend long. The longest win streak in the league now belongs to me at 4, as I move to 4-5, Colin moves to 6-3.

(side note: When I started my win streak, I taunted Joe, via text message. He responded with something along the lines of "yeah, well you only have one win." Since, then my team has not lost. Speaking of Joe...

Joe 5-3 v Geiss 3-5

This matchup came down to Monday night, Joe had a 15 point lead, with Desean Jackson to play. Geiss had Matt Forte. Jackson might as well have not even showed up. Forte did, and in the 4th quarter Geiss took the lead. Geiss moves to 4-5, Joe 5-4.

Munez 2-6 v Jim 5-3

MUNEZ, MUNEZ, MUNEZ. Jesus christ, I love rooting for the underdog. Munez had a 6 game losing streak, which usually takes someone out of a fantasy football league pretty fucking quick. However, Munez has rebounded to beat Jim, who has suddenly hit hard times, for his second straight win. Jim jumped out to a good record this year, and holds a substantial point lead over everybody else but Colin, so he can take a little bit of a slide, but obviously not for to long.

This game came down to tonight, as well. A tight score with Munez having PHI defense playing against Jeremy Maclin for Jim. Somehow, Phili's D put up just enough for Munez. He moves to 3-6, Jim to 5-4.

John 3-5 v Shawn 4-4

Poor Shawn had 5 players on bye this week, including all of his running backs. Nothing screamed loss like this game for Shawn. Except, John hadn't changed his line up in 3 weeks, so who the fuck knows. After only playing in 3 games this year, Peyton Hillis was finally benched, and John got some steady play as both men move to 4-5 on the season.

Bono 3-5 v Simon 4-4

This was one hell of a game. Bono had less than an 8 point lead going into tonight, with Simon's kicker, Alex Henery left to play. Henery made it to 7 points halfway through the 3rd quarter. Bono had less than a one point lead, meaning that any score by the eagles would end it for Bono. However, Henery was shut out the rest of the game, and Bono and Simon both move to 4-5.


Colin 6-3
Andrew 6-3
Jim 5-4
Joe 5-4
Folden 5-4
Simon 4-5
Shawn 4-5
Adam 4-5
Geiss 4-5
Bono 4-5
John 4-5
Munez 3-6

Pretty hard to believe that 9 games into the season 3 games is all that separates first place from last place. In fact, if the playoffs started tomorrow, there would be a 6 way tie for the last playoff spot. I've played in close to twenty fantasy leagues, and I've never been in anything this tight.

Next Week's Matchups

Colin 6-3 v Munez 3-6

If Munez wants to continue his comeback he's going to have to do it against Colin in a week where there are no NFL teams on bye. At this point, with 5 to play, two more wins would likely get Colin into the playoffs, where 3 would guarantee it. For Munez, his only hope is to keep on winning.

Bono 4-5 v Jim 5-4

Bono's team finally showed up last weekend, and all signs point to him getting Andre Johnson back this week. Jim has lost two in a row, and losing a third could take what was originally a near certainty for playoffs and put it in doubt. Jim has some good matchups though, so it may be an uphill battle for Bono.

John 4-5 v Folden 5-4

Stephen Jackson has gone off lately for Folden, but so has Adrian Foster for John. Folden is most likely not going to win any games off a tie breaker this year, so it's important for him to keep on winning. John continues to play the part of the guy who gives the least shit this year, so because of that I'm going to pick him for the UPSET OF THE WEEK. Folden has better matchups and is projected to win by like 30 points, but something tells me John is going to sneak into the playoffs and win this whole thing, despite his lack of caring.

Adam 4-5 v Shawn 4-5

One of us will move to .500 this week. Trends would say that it would be me. I'm riding a 4 game winning streak while Shawn is on a 4 game losing streak. However, Shawn started off strong and now his team is all done with there byes, and they are getting healthy too. Likewise, his matchups are far better than mine. Should be an interesting game.

Game of the Week

Andrew 6-3 v Joe 5-4

Despite having a team that doesn't look great on paper, Andrew's scrappy team continues to win, despite having no real superstars (save for Aaron Rodgers). Joe started off 3-1 and has sputtered a bit since then. They are matched up very well this week, with Aaron Rodgers projected to put up a disgusting 37 points next week. Before the season, Andrew talked about taking Rodgers with the 3rd overall pick, and I tore him up for it, saying he should take a back. I WAS WRONG.

Interesting Stats

I have beat the 1st place team 2 weeks in a row.

Going into our game in week 5 Me and Folden's combined record was 1-7. Since our game, our combined record is 7-1.

In his current 3 game losing streak, Simon has lost by a combined 16 points. That's brutal.

Colin has scored at least 100 points in every game this year.

Week 9 is the first time Bono has put up 100 points since week 3.

9 of the 12 teams in our league are either 4-5 or 5-4.

College Pick 'em

LSU beat Alabama this week and the BCS punished them by dropping them 1 fucking spot in the polls. I say fuck that. Huge game this week between Oregon and Stanford.

In Pick 'em Shawn rebounded to score 12 and win this week. I was right behind him with 11. Here are the stats on the season

Andrew 116
Shawn 112
Adam 112
Geiss 108
Folden 108
Simon 108
Bono 108
Munez 106
Colin 105
Joe 102
Jim 101
John 75

Pro Pick'em

In Po Pick 'em myself, Colin, Simon, Joe, Folden, and Jim all scored 8 points to take the lead, with Shawn coming in at 7. This means that Shawn and I tied with 19 total points to win the 5 point bonus this week. Totals for the season

Colin 94
Folden 90
Simon 83
Shawn 83
Bono 82
Jim 80
Andrew 80
Joe 79
Geiss 76
Adam 75
Munez 73
John 71

So, let's get to the standings. College + Pro + Fantasy 10 points per win + (bonus) = Total Score

Andrew 116+80+60+(10)=266
Shawn 112+83+40+(5)=240
Adam 112+75+40+(10)=237
Geiss 108+76+40= 224
Folden 108+90+50+(10)=258
Simon 108+83+40+(5)=236
Bono 108+82+40+(15)=245
Munez 106+73+30=209
Colin 105+94+60+(15)=274
Joe 102+79+50+(5)= 236
Jim 101+80+50+(5)=236
John 75+71+40= 186


1. Colin 274 (even)
2. Andrew 266 (^1)
3. Folden 258 (-1)
4. Bono 245 (even)
5. Shawn 240 (+3)
6. Adam 237 (+3)
t7. Jim 236 (-1)
t7 Simon 236 (-1)
t7 Joe 236 (-2)
10. Geiss 224
11. Munez 209
12. John 186


Simon is tied for the 5TH time in a row. 2 with Folden, 3 in a row with Jim, and this time as well with Joe.

Colin has led Football God all year.

Next week, there really should be some predictions in. But, we will have to wait and see.

As of now, Oregon, Stanford, Alabama, Arkansas, and Oklahoma are all teams that we had in our predictions for the National Championship that still have a chance to make it. LSU and OK ST, the two teams at the top, nobody had.

Until next week, I love you all.

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