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Football God Week 12. Part 1? Plus, the state of Oklahoma's Championship hopes Crash and Burn...see what I did there

So, as long as I can stand it, I'm going to start doing 2 part blogs. They are just so long, and by the time I get to the end of them, I no longer give a shit. So, Sundays will be College Day, and Mondays will be Pro day. Let's start with the NONSENSE that was college football this week.

The BCS became the BCMess this weekend, with #2 Ok St, #4 Oregon, #5 Oklahoma, and #7 Clemson all lost, opening the door for just about every team in the top 10 to have a chance to make the BCS championship. On another note, how shitty is it to like college sports in Oklahoma today. Friday Oklahoma ST lost, Saturday Oklahoma lost, and also Ok St's women's basketball coach DIED IN A PLANE CRASH! Apparently, these guys haven't been appeasing the gods. They should have let those Children complete their sacrifice of the adults for the Corn.

I'll talk more about the BCMess at the end of the post. But for now let's focus on some pre season predictions in the conference championships.


The first pre season prediciton is official. TCU has won the MWC, which means that...well, none of us get any points. So there is a literally no reason to bring up the MWC again for the rest of the year.


It's down to: Clemson, Virginia, VA Tech

Still in the hunt: Jim

That's what your ACC championship looks like now. Jim is the only person who can gain points from the ACC championship now, but somehow Virginia is still in the mix here. And, they find themselves in a fortuitous situation. Virginia hosts the Hokies next week. Virginia Tech may be the most under the radar team, who wins every fucking year. They've won at least 10 games every year since 2004, but never seem to get into the National Championship.

Big East

Still in it: Louisville, Cincinnati, WVU, Pitt, Rutgers

Still in the hunt: Everyone

Seriously, Cincinnati must have no desire to win this conference. We all had WVU or Pitt. They play on Friday. There ya go. I have no idea who would win in tie breaking situations. But, I think the Big East does Co-champions. So, if both end up winning the Co-championship, we'll all win points.

BIG 12 (10?)

Still Alive: Ok, Ok State, Not Ok State's woman's basketball coach

Still Alive: All of us

It comes down to both of those choke artists game against each other.

Big 10 (12?)

It's down to: Penn St, Mich St, Wisconsin

It's down to: Shawn, Adam, Andrew, Bono, Munez, Joe, Geiss

Michigan St clinched their side of the conference (the legends or whatever), while Wisconsin plays Penn St next week to decide who they will play against.
Everybody else had Nebraska, who blew it this weekend. Wisconsin needs to beat PSU and Mich St in consecutive weeks. If they lose, nobody gets points.

Conference USA

Down to: Houston, Tulsa, Southern Miss, East Carolina, Marshall

Down to: Simon, Adam, Bono, Joe, Andrew

Southern Miss should have locked their side up last week, but they lost to a bad UAB team. They play a bad Memphis team next. They win, they are in the Conf Champ. They lose. It's down to them, Marshall, and Ohio and I have no fucking clue who wins. Houston plays Tulsa on Friday. The winner makes the Conf Championship game.


Down to: Ohio, Temple, Kent St, North Ill, Toledo

Down to: Shawn, Simon, Folden, Geiss, Adam, Andrew, John, Colin, Munez

Between the 9 of us, we have like 4 of those teams winning it. So, I. don't. fucking. know.

PAC 12

Look, I don't know. I don't know how the conference championship game is going to work in this conference. Is USC allowed to play for it. I don't know. I guess we're all still in it. If Oregon wins, it knocks those of us out of it that have Stanford. If Oregon loses it's Stanford.


Still in it: Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, Georgia

We all had Alabama winning that conference. I don't know what the hell is going to happen here. All I can say is that John had Arkansas in the National Championship, and if they win against LSU, then that's a fucking awesome pick.


Still in it: Lousiana Tech, Nevada

Still in it: Simon, Geiss, Folden, Joe, John, Munez

Nevada could have locked up the WAC this weekend, but blew it to Louisiana Tech. So LT plays a bad New Mexico team next week for the conference. It used to be a lot easier to predict this conference when Boise St was there.

Sun Belt Conference

Winner: Arkansas St
Correctly Predicted by: NOBODY

We're all bad.


BCS Top #10

2. Alabama
3. Arkansas
4. Oklahoma St
5. VA Tech
6. Stanford
7. Boise St
8. Houston
9. Oklahoma
10. Oregon

Add Oklahoma and Oregon to the list of teams that nobody can get points from. Basically, we all have one team left in the Title Picture. John with Arkansas, the rest of us with Alabama.

6 of us (Shawn, Adam, Simon, Andrew, Bono, and Folden), all have Alabama winning the championship.

My prediction.

LSU beats Arkansas, Auburn beats Alabama, Oklahoma beat Ok St, Notre Dame beats Stanford, VA Tech loses to Clemson, and Houston leap frogs Boise St to play for the National Championship, where they beat LSU 83-6.

College Pick 'em.

Munez did some domination over the rest of us, correctly predicting 14 games. Nice job. Shawn was pretty close behind with 12, and Folden with 11. The rest of us were significantly further down.

Overall Standings:

Unbelievably, Shawn has caught Andrew.

Shawn 135
Andrew 135
Munez 130
Adam 129
Folden 128
Geiss 127
Simon 124
Colin 123
Bono 123
Joe 119
Jim 116
John 75

Tomorrow, you'll get the fantasy and pro updates. Even though, all the games are either blow outs or (in the case of Simon and Andrew) already have gone final. Looks like there will be more shake ups in the standings though. May do a pro predictions update if I feel like it. Until tomorrow, I love you all

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