Monday, November 14, 2011

Football God Week 11...I wish Folden still wanted to be our friends

Hello, my friendly friends (except folden).I'm going to start with a bit of a college football prediction update by conference and national championship picture to start things off.

National Championship

The Big game of the week had Stanford getting analized by Oregon on their home turf. That's killed my chances of having them in the national championship. So we'll add my name to the list of the dead.

FSU - Folden
Stanford - Adam
Wisconsin - Andrew/Shawn

Keep in mind these aren't the ppl we have winning the national championship, just the team we had getting beat in it.

The two teams at the top LSU & OK ST, nobody had in the national championship.

11 of us had Alabama in the national championship, and six of us had them winning it. They currently sit 3rd in the BCS.

The only person who didn't have Alabama in the Championship was John, who had Arkansas. They currently sit 6th with a game against LSU still to come.

Bono had Oregon in the National Championship, and they currently sit 4th.

7 people had Oklahoma in the National Championship, with 6 people having them winning it. They sit 5th.

There are some shake ups that can still happen in that mix, with Arkansas v LSU & Oklahoma and Oklahoma State still to play.

In our BCS game picks, I'm not even going to try and make an update until they are picked. However, I will say this as a clarification the way the points go. If you had LSU in a BCS game, but not the national championship, you do not get the points for it. Just as I, having Stanford in the national championship will not get points if they make a BCS game. Next, conference champion updates.


The ACC championship game will be Clemson vs Virginia Tech. None of us will get any points from this, except for maybe Jim, who had VA Tech winning the ACC.

Big 12, MWC, SEC

We all had Boise, Oklahoma, and Alabama winning these. Basically, it doesn't matter who wins these. But for the hell of it, Boise is basically done, Bama probably done, and Oklahoma beats OK state they win the Big 12.

Big East

We all had WVU, who are 3-2 in the big east race, except for Andrew and Chris who had Pitt. They are 3-2 as well. Pitt and WVU play eachother next, and they both also would need a little help to win this conference, mainly in a Cinci loss.

Big 10

This is an interesting conference to break down. Folden had Ohio State, which isn't likely to happen at this point. The rest of us had Wisconsin and Nebraska winning the conference. Neither of them are 1st in there side of the conference right now, with Michigan St and Penn st holding those distinctions. Mich St plays Indiana and Northwestern to finish off the season, so there would need to be an upset for them not to make the championship game. Nebraska plays Michigan this weekend. If they were to win this game, and Mich St were to lose, Nebraska would have the tie breaker.

In the Big 10 leaders or whatever the fuck, Wisconsin plays Ill and Penn st. So, if they win out they are Jerry Sandusky's penis in a 10 year old's the the locker room.

Conference USA

This Conference is pretty clear cut. Southern Miss (which nobody picked) against the winner of the Tulsa v Houston game. Nobody picked Tulsa, and myself, Bono, and Simon are the only people who picked Houston. So, basically everybody but the three of us should be rooting for Tulsa in a couple weeks. Also, Houston is very close to clinching an automatic at large BCS bid.


You would think with only two weeks left, this conference would clear up a bit. But, it the fuck won't. As of this time; Ohio, Temple, Kent St, Miami (OH), Northern Ill, Toledo, Ball St, and Eastern Michigan are still able to win this conference. For fucks sake. Everybody, has a chance to win points here (except Bono). So fuck this for now.

Pac 10

Oregon will win one side of this conference, but who will they play in the conf championship? Ucla....or Arizona St...who are a combined one game over .500...Is it to early to anoint the championship to Oregon, and we can just skip that pitiful game?

Simon, myself, and Colin had Stanford...everyone else will most likely be winning some points.

Sun Belt

We all sucked baddddddddd...moving on


It's come down to Nevada and Louisiana Tech, which leaves half of the people with a chance to win still. Nevada plays LA Tech this week, so I'll get back to you...on to the pick 'em.

Pretty simple for the bonus this week. Shawn performed well again, and put up 20 combined points. A few people put up 19, but that's not good enough. Shawn also cut into Andrew's lead a little bit in the overall college standings, which is pretty sexy. Overall totals.

Andrew 126
Shawn 123
Adam 120
Geiss 118
Folden 117
Bono 117
Munez 116
Simon 116
Colin 114
Joe 110
Jim 107
John 75

Pro Pick 'em Overall

Colin 104
Folden 97
Shawn 92
Bono 91
Simon 91
Jim 90
Andrew 88
Geiss 85
Joe 85
Munez 81
Adam 80
John 71

Fantasy Football

Another crazy week in fantasy, with the standings getting closer and closer. We had five games remaining in this season going into this week, with 9 teams at either 4-5 or 5-4. Let's see how the games played out.

Bono (4-5) vs Jim (5-4)

Bono's smack talk question of "can i get a fucking break" has been answered with two wins a second win in a row. Bono got a huge game out of Fitz, while Jim lost his 3rd straight game. Bono got another break, this one in the form of Matt Schaub's foot. So, now Bono has the two best WR's on his team who have noone to throw the ball to them. More on Jim in next week's preview.

Simon (4-5) vs Geiss (4-5)

Geiss's team can't decide if they want to be a bum squad that put's up 60 points a week, or a monster who puts up 140. There really isn't any other middle ground for him, but this week they showed up huge putting a hurting on Simon's team. Simon started the season 3-0 and since then have lost 6 of it's last 7. Credit to Geiss on the nice start of Laurent Robinson.

John (4-5) vs Folden (5-4)

John's strategy is starting to pay off. He's up to 5-5, even though he doesn't touch or look at his line up. Folden's team seems to live and die on Vick's abilities to play well, and he may have to make his playoff push without, now that he has broken ribs, and is still a black qb. Folden has lost 2 in a row since his 5 game winning streak. Folden also doesn't call and doesn't come home anymore, so he doesn't want to be friends anymore.

Adam (4-5) vs Shawn (4-5)

This was a game of trending upwards vs trending downwards. My team took stellar games from most of the team and a great performance of Michael Bush to take down Shawn. Shawn started the season 4-1, now falling to 4-6. I, on the other hand, started 0-5 and am now 5-5, tying Folden for the longest winning streak of the season.

Colin (6-3) vs Munez (6-3)

THE LITTLE MAN WON'T STAY DOWN. I'm such a lover of Munez and all that he is. His team started 1-6 this year. Virtually out of the playoff race. He then put up wins against Simon, Jim, and Andrew to move to 4-6 on the year. Colins smite of the Football God's last weekend continues to plague him, as he loses his second game in a row. The big difference in this game was Tom Brady's 37 points vs Jay Cutler's 4.


Andrew (6-3) vs Joe (5-4)

Andrew's team put up 150 points this week. Half of those coming from Aaron Rodgers and the fucking bears defense. Credit goes to Joe, whose team hadn't put up a lot of points in like 4 weeks. However, Andrew lucked out with the self destruction of the Lions this weekend. Seriously, at 4:00 on Sunday, it looked like Andrew was going to get murdered, but his team ended up putting up a big number.

This moves Andrew to 7-3, in sole possession of first place. One more win may be enough to put Andrew into the playoffs, and going 2-2 down the stretch will certainly be enough.


Andrew 7-3
Colin 6-4
Jim 5-5
Adam 5-5
Joe 5-5
Folden 5-5
Geiss 5-5
John 5-5
Bono 5-5
Shawn 4-6
Simon 4-6
Munez 4-6

Current Playoff Picture

1. Andrew

4. Adam
5. Joe

3. Jim
6. Geiss

2. Colin


This is the last week before we start replaying our schedule, when revenge games start up. As of right now the cut off for playoffs is 5-5. As you can see, that means that Bono, John, and Folden would not make the play offs because of the tie breaker, which is the most points scored. So, the last four weeks of the season are going to be BANANA!

Bono (5-5) v Colin (6-4)

Bono tries to get above .500 and into good playoff positioning. Colin tries to get back on track and hope that Jay Cutler doesn't shit the bed again. Bono hasn't scored a lot of points this year, so he needs another win pretty bad here. However, Colin seems to have the better team and matchups here by far.

Folden (5-5) v Joe (5-5)

This is a big match up for both of these guys. Something has to give in the standings at some point, and this seems to be the week when it will happen. Folden is in the same position as Bono points wise, but a loss wouldn't end his season. Whoever wins this game will be in position for a playoff birth. The loser will need to make up ground.

Adam (5-5) v John (5-5)

Ditto in almost every way in this matchup. I try to extend my winning streak to 6 games, while John tries to extend his not giving a shit streak to 8 weeks. I would like to consider this an easy win, but knowing John's team, they will probably put up 130 points.

Andrew (7-3) v Simon (4-6)

Simon needs a win and he needs it bad. It sucks he's going against the best team in the league to get it, however this may not be as bad as it seems. Simon is getting Andrew on a week when Andrew has 4 players on bye, so he has a pretty good chance. That's why I'm calling this my UPSET OF THE WEEK.

Jim (5-5) v Geiss (5-5)

Jimbo's team is trending down lately. He has lost three games in a row and he goes against Geiss needing a win. Unfortunately, he has Drew Brees on bye. Jim, who had gone off all year long, has hit on tough times recently. Geiss has an opportunity to get above .500 for the first time in a long time, and it's a pretty good match up for him to do it.


Shawn (4-6) v Munez (4-6)

The Glove tries to continue his save the season campaign against Shawn, who has dropped 5 games in a row. This is pretty much two teams trying to keep there season alive against each other. Shawn's gotta win another one at some point (right?). The loser of this game will not be mathematically eliminated, but the writing will essentially be on the wall.


(college pick 'em + pro pick 'em + fantasy football (10 points per win) + (bonus)

Andrew 126+88+70+(10)=294
Shawn 123+92+40+(10)=265
Adam 120+80+50+(10)=260
Geiss 118+85+50=253
Folden 117+97+50+(10)=274
Bono 117+91+50+(15)=273
Munez 116+81+40=237
Simon 116+91+40+(5)=252
Colin 114+104+60+(15)=293
Joe 110+85+50+(5)=250
Jim 107+90+50+(5)=252
John 75+71+50=196


1. Andrew 294 (^1)
2. Colin 293 (-1)
3. Folen 274 (even)
4. Bono 273 (even)
5. Shawn 265 (even)
6. Adam 260 (even)
7. Geiss 253 (^4)
t8 Jim 252 (-1)
t8 Simon 252 (-1)
10. Joe 250
11. Munez 237
12. John 196
I'm tired, so I'm just going to end on the note that Jim and Simon are tied for the 4th fucking week in a row. Check up on your numbers and mine boys. Until next week, I love you.

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