Sunday, December 11, 2011

Football God: Week 15...Adam's Lament

So, now that the college regular season is over, I'm back to only doing one post a weekend. There is a quick update I want to do on College predictions first. Trent Richardson won the Doak Walker award this year, which means that several people will be adding 15 points to their total college score. Those are as follows:

Shawn 327+15= 342
Simon 256+15= 271
Andrew 251+15 = 266
Munez 246+15= 261
Bono 243+15=258
John 160+15=175

So the new overall College Football Total Scores look like this.

Shawn 342
Geiss 307
Adam 293
Folden 286
Joe 274
Simon 271
Andrew 266
Munez 261
Bono 258
Colin 232
John 175

There are still a couple of predictions that can still change the college football total score. One, is the AP coach of the year, which still hasn't come in. Second, is if Alabama wins the national championship.

The Bowl pick'em will also be added into the college total score, eventually. Last note on this, John and Colin still need to sign up for the bowl pick 'em.

Onto Pros. Let's start with some predictions. There are a couple that are official right now.

NFC North winner - Packers...we all had this +20 points for all of us
NFC West Winner - 49ers...none of us had this
AFC South Winner - Texans. +20 points for the following people: Jim, Geiss, Andrew, Joe, Bono, Munez

Almost Predictions:

New England is 10-3, one game away from clinching there division, which will give points to everyone but Andrew, Shawn, and John.

New Orleans is 10-3, one game away from clinching as well.
That will be points for everyone except Geiss, Folden, and Joe.

The AFC wildcard teams right now are the Steelers and the Jets.
As Jim pointed out to me yesterday, he currently has the AFC playoff picture predicted exactly right.

In the NFC East, the Cowboys are still in first, meaning the only people who can still get points there are me, Simon, and Shawn.

The AFC west is Denver and Oakland's to lose, with San Diego trying to hang around.

Now that all of that is taken care of, I'm taking this week as Adam's Lament, where I sit alone in my room, pouting over missing the fantasy football playoffs, despite putting up the 3rd most points this week, and losing to Geiss, who put up the 2nd most points.

So Congrats to Andrew, Jim, Joe, Geiss, Colin, and John on making the playoffs. New total scores next week, when I'm not being a bitch.

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