Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Football God: Week 16: Tis the season baby

Sorry the update is late this week, I've had my hands full with lots of shit. But, I'll try to get to it now. I'm going to talk briefly about fantasy football first.

So, John has somehow pulled himself into the semi-finals with a low scoring win over Geiss. Jim's team put up a respectable number of points, while Colin put together a thousand point week to destroy his way into the semis. So, this week the playoffs look like this

(1) Andrew
(5) John

(6) Colin
(2) Joe

My predictions for this week, Andrew's team is projected to lose to John, and although John is a one man wrecking crew, Andrew's team has won whenever I assumed he wouldn't all year. I'm taking Andrew 110 - John 94

In the other game, Joe has been scoring an unbelievable pace recently, and lucky for Colin, his team has shown that they can score like that too. Looking at matchups, I like Joe's team better this week. Gonna take him 543 - 489.

Total scores for Fantasy Football look like this.

Each team that's in the semi finals gets a 20 point bonus

Andrew 110
Joe 100
John 100
Colin 90
Jim 80
Geiss 80
Adam 70
Simon 60
Shawn 60
Folden 60
Munez 60
Bono 50

Pro Pick 'em looks like this right now.

Colin 154
Folden 146
Jim 145
Shawn 143
Simon 142
Geiss 141
Andrew 140
Bono 140
Adam 133
Munez 130
Joe 127
John 84

It's looking pretty for sure now that Colin is going to win this, it would take a pretty big fall in the last two weeks of the season for him to lose.

Before we get into anything else I want to add some total scores, then I'll get into the predictions and where we are with that.

Totals (College total score + pro pick'em + fantasy score + (bonus) =

Shawn 342+143+60+(15)=560
Geiss 307+141+80=528
Adam 293+133+70+(10)=506
Jim 264+145+80+(10)=499
Folden 286+146+60+(10)=502
Joe 274+127+100+(10)=511
Simon 271+142+60+(5)=478
Andrew 266+140+110+(10)=526
Munez 261+130+60=451
Bono 258+140+50+(15)=463
Colin 232+154+90+(15)=491
John 175+84+100=359

So the standings changed in those catagories to.

Shawn 560
Geiss 528
Andrew 526
Joe 511
Adam 506
Folden 502
Jim 499
Colin 491
Simon 478
Bono 463
Munez 451
John 359

Now, before we get to the total scores, we have some predictions that have came in. First off, Les Miles has won the AP Coach of the year award, which none of us had. However, there are some official points in for the NFL predictions, so let's do those now.

AFC North - still pending

AFC South - Texans
20 pts for -Jim, Geiss, Andrew, Joe, Bono, and Munez

AFC East champs - Pats
20 pts for - everyone but Shawn, Andrew, and John

AFC West Champs, still pending

NFC East Champs, still pending

NFC North Champs -Green Bay
Points for everyone

NFC West Champs - 49ers
Points for nobody

NFC South Champs - Saints
Points for everybody but Folden, Geiss, Joe, and John.

Totals for Football Predictions right now + whatever points you have gotten in the first 5 bowl games. Remember, these bowl games are worth 2 points each

Munez 80+6= 86
Bono 80+4=84
Jim 80+2=82
Geiss 60+10=70
Simon 60+8=68
Andrew 60+6=66
Adam 60+4=64
Colin 60+4=64
Joe 60+4=64
Shawn 40+4=44
Folden 40+4=44
John 20+6=26

This weekend, the Broncos could win the AFC west, the Cowboys the AFC east, Balt the AFC North, and both Atl and Detroit could lock up wildcard spots with wins. Now for your total scores

Shawn 560+44 = 604
Geiss 528+70=598
Andrew 526+66=592
Joe 511+64= 575
Adam 506+64= 570
Folden 502+44=546
Jim 499+ 82= 581
Colin 491+64= 555
Simon 478+68= 546
Bono 463+84= 547
Munez 451 + 86 = 537
John 359+26= 385

Overall Rankings

1. Shawn 604 (even)
2. Geiss 598 (even)
3. Andrew 592 (+4)
4. Jim 581 (even)
5. Joe 575 (+1)
6. Adam 570 (-3)
7. Colin 555 (+1)
8. Bono 547 (+2)
t9. Folden 546 (-4)
t9. Simon 546 (even)
11. Munez 537 (even)
12. John 385 (even)

Wow, what a swing. Now there are only 8 points between first and third, and only 67 points between first and 11th. The only person it's safe to say is out of it this year is John.

Also, big fucking suprise that Simon and Folden are tied.

Keep in mind that out of Andrew, Joe, John, and Colin. One of the four will get 20 more points for making it to the championship game, and whoever wins will add 50 points to their total. So if you aren't Andrew, Colin, or Joe, you probably want to route for John to win.

14 games into the season, and all of our teams that we chose to win the Superbowl are still in the playoff hunt. John and I's choice of San Diego and Bono's choice of Philadelphia are long shots, but still possible.

Another prediction that's almost all but certainly over foll all of us is the top 3 draft picks of next year. Indi is guaranteed one of them, while Minnesota or the Rams would have to win out. I don't know how the tie break would work then. But it's looking like it's going to fall in that way somehow.

That's it for this week. Everyone have a nice Christmas, and I'll get back at you all next week. Until then, I love you all

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