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Week 14 Pro & Total

Hey guys. So, we are one more week closer to the end of Football God season, and things are starting to shape up a little bit more. We'll start with Pro Pick 'em. Andrew came out with 12 correct predictions this week to lead the pack. However, Jim with 11 in pro pick 'em and 8 in college pick 'em had 19 for the week, giving him the 5 point bonus. This is the last bonus we're giving away for the year. So congrats to Jim on earning it. Let's see the totals for Pro Pick 'em for the year now.

Colin 134
Folden 128
Shawn 126
Jim 123
Simon 123
Bono 122
Andrew 121
Geiss 120
Joe 115
Adam 110
Munez 109
John 84

Colin is one week closer to getting that crucial +25 bonus for winning the pro pick'em. Folden and Shawn are the only two who can realistically win this thing other than him. However, a few other people could win if they go pretty close to perfect for the last 64 games.

Fantasy Football - Week 13 results

Before I get into this, I want to start by saying well done to everybody in the league this year. There is only one week remaining in the regular season, and we just had teams get eliminated from playoff contention. That's pretty amazing.

John 6-6 vs Munez 5-7

Munez came into this came needing a win to have a shot at the playoffs. However, The Glove just didn't have it. Eli, Foster, and Helu put up big numbers for John, while Munez's team sputtered. It was a nice run for Munez, who started 1-6 before making a late season run for the playoffs. John improves to 7-6, and is fighting for a playoff spot.

Geiss 6-6 vs Shawn 6-6

This was a do or die game for both of these guys, especially Shawn, who isn't going anywhere in a tie break situation. Matt Forte went down in the first quarter, and Geiss STILL put up over 130 points. Geiss improves to 7-6, Shawn to 6-7.

Andrew 7-5 vs Colin 7-5

Two of the big dogs come into this with a guaranteed playoff spot on the line. Aaron Rodgers put up a obscene 45 points to lead Andrew to another big win, while Pierre Garcon put up 33 as well.
Andrew will make the playoffs, moving to 8-5, while Colin will be fighting for a playoff spot next week, dropping to 7-6.

Jim 7-5 vs Folden 5-7

Jim came into this game with the chance to clinch a playoff spot, too. Folden came in needing to win out and get lots of help. It came down to the Monday Night Football game, with Mike Tolbert vulturing a touchdown from Ryan Matthews to keep Folden in the fight. However, Jim pulled away at the end. Folden drops to 5-8, dropping his 5th straight, and officially knocking him out of the playoffs. This is a bit of a suprise, considering 8 weeks in, Folden was 5-3 and in good position to make the playoffs. Jim makes the playoffs and will be fighting for a first round bye next week.

Joe 6-6 vs Simon 6-6

This was the shootout of the week, as Simon put up 129 points and still lost by 35 points! Joe's team picked a good week to wake up, giving him the win. This sucks for Simon. It's pretty disappointing when your team puts up a huge number and still loses. Joe moves to 7-6, Simon to 6-7.

Adam 6-6 vs Bono 5-7

Bono came into the game needing a win to stay alive for the playoffs, and I needed a win to stay in the playoff picture. Following this game yesterday and today, this game was close from beginning to end. At no point did either of us go up by more than 15 points, and I bit my fingernails all night hoping that Vincent Jackson wouldn't get over 100 yards. Luckily for me, Antonio gates did just enough to get me past Bono. I move to 7-6, Bono to 5-8, knocking him out of the playoffs.

Record -----------Pts
1. Jim 8-5 --------- 1544
2. Andrew 8-5 ----1524
3. Colin 7-6 ------1577
4. Joe 7-6 -------1511
5. Adam 7-6-----1448
6. Geiss 7-6 -----1429
7. John 7-6-----1266
8. Simon 6-7---1394
9. Shawn 6-7----1341
10. Munez 5-8---1279
11. Bono 5-8------1214
12. Folden 5-8----1132

That's our standings with one week to go. Let's look at next week's matchup so we can discuss the scenarios for the playoffs


11. Bono 5-8 vs 10. Munez 5-8

This is the one game that doesn't have an effect on the playoffs. Just playing for the 10 fantasy points for the overall score. Finish off the season strong guys.

2. Andrew 8-5 vs 9. Shawn 6-7

Shawn is not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. However, his team would essentially need to score 200 points to have a chance. Most likely, Shawn is done. Andrew is in the playoffs and is playing to get a first round bye in the playoffs. He can lose, and as long as he out points Colin, Joe, Me, and Geiss he would still have the bye, no matter which of us wins.

3. Colin 7-6 vs 12. Folden 5-8

Folden has nothing to play for, but if he wins it could determine who gets the first round bye. If Colin wins, and Andrew or Jim loses he will likely have a first round bye, based off of how many points he has. If he loses, he will be jockeying for position in the playoffs.


5. Adam 7-6 vs 6. Geiss 7-6

This game here is going to confuse everything. Because of this game here, there are a lot of different wrinkles that can still play out for the playoffs. Whichever one of us wins is in, for sure. That's without a doubt. Whichever one of us loses is not out of it, but need some things to go our way. This is the game of the week, specifically because the fact that we play each other changes a whole lot for the playoff picture. For instance...

1. Jim 8-5 vs 4. Joe 7-6

Joe had a huge week points wise, which basically gave him enough points to win any tie breaker. So, since Geiss and I play, Joe is in the playoffs. It's just a matter of which seed. Joe could fluctuate anywhere from 1st to 6th. If he wins and puts up big numbers, Colin loses, and Joe out points Jim or Andrew he will get a bye. If he loses he will have one of the wildcard spots.
Jim needs to win to get the first round bye, or a loss by Colin and a close game with Joe would give him a bye, regardless of what Andrew does.

7. John 7-6 vs 8. Simon 6-7

Now this is where it gets confusing. If John wins he is in. Simple enough. And, Geiss and I's game becomes a winner in and loser out. If John loses though, he will be eliminated, because he will lose any tie breaker. If that happens, Simon will be tied at 7-7 with whoever loses me and Geiss's game. Simon would need to score 55 points more than me, or 35 points more than Geiss.
So, we basically have 4 teams in, fighting for first round byes. And, four teams fighting for playoff spots, with Shawn as a huge huge huge outside chance of making the playoffs.

Overall Score

Total College Score + Pro Pick'em + Fantasy points + (bonus)= Total Score

Shawn 327+126+60+(15)=528
Geiss 307+120+70=497
Adam 293+110+70+(10)=483
Folden 286+128+50+(10)=474
Joe 274+115+70+(10)=469
Jim 264+123+80+(10)=477
Simon 256+123+60+(5)=444
Andrew 251+121+80+(10)=462
Munez 246+109+50=405
Bono 243+121+50+(15)=429
Colin 232+134+70+(15)=451
John 160+84+70=314

So here's the big shake up in the overall standings.

1. Shawn 528 (^1)
2. Geiss 497 (^8)
3. Adam 483 (^4)
4. Jim 477 (^1)
5. Folden 474 (-1)
6. Joe 469 (^3)
7. Andrew 462 (-4)
8. Colin 451 (-7)
9. Simon 444 (-4)
10. Bono 429 (-3)
11. Munez 405 (even)
12. John 314 (even)

Obviously, Geiss and Shawn were the big winner from the College Predictions coming in, while Andrew and Colin took the biggest hit. Keep in mind, that there are still a ton of points to come in. Pro Predictions. Pro pick 'em bonus. College Bowl Pick 'em. Fantasy Football Bonus. So these could change a lot still, so nobody is out of this yet.

Finally, Green Bay and San Francisco clinched their divisions this week. We all had GB and none of us had SF, so I didn't add the predictions in for that yet. I did a shit load of math this weekend an didn't want to do anymore. Check your college scores if you haven't yet, and make sure I added them up correctly. Also, next week I'll start a new column in the overall scores for Pro Predictions. Until then, I love you all.

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