Monday, October 15, 2012


So, I'm writing this late night update as a congrats.


Also, Jim beat me for THE FIRST TIME EVER.

This is a big week in fantasy football, mainly because it brings everybody back into contention, and keeps anybody from falling behind....

In Pick 'em news.  I won the pick 'em bonus of 10 points this week with 20 points overall.  I crushed in college pick'em and held everyone off in Pro pick'em.  So let's get to overall scores.

College pick'em + Pro pick'em + fantasy wins + (bonus)= total.

Adam 79+39+40+(20)=178
Shawn 79+44+20+(35)=178
Joe 64+38+40+(10)=153
Munez 83+33+20+(15)=151
Jim 82+29+40=151
John 57+38+50=145
Colin 74+40+30=144
Folden 79+40+20=139
Andrew 68+38+20=126
Rob 63+41+20=124

So, things have changed a bit in the score, but WHAT'S MORE IMPORTANT, is that last week the difference between first place and last place was 62 points.  The difference this week is 54 points.  So, overall things have tightened up.  Shawn and I have a 25 point lead right now over everyone else.  But the difference between 3rd and 10th is a mere 29 points.

Here are our current trends in the rankings.

t1. Adam 178 (+1)
t1. Shawn 178 (=)
3. Joe 153 (+1)
t4. Munez 151 (-1)
t4. Jim 151(+2)
6. John 145(+1)
7. Colin 144 (-1)
8. Folden 139 (+1)
9. Andrew 126 (=)
10. Rob 124 (-1)

What's even more interesting to look at is that with the current college projections, Andrew & Rob, who are in 9th and 10th, are in really good shape.  And, Munez, who's in 4th, is in even better shape.

When College projections are added in, Folden is in worse shape than the totals lead on, and John is in MUCH worse shape.

So, next week I'll give you guys a Pro Prediction projection, and also give you guys a Lou Holtz pep talk on next weeks match ups.  Until, stay classy.

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