Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fantasy Football Week 7 Preview

So, we're 6 games into the season, and only 2 games separate 2nd place to last place.  If we have another crazy weekend like we did this past week with upsets, things could get even more tight.

Let's take a look at our week 7 match ups.

Jim (4-2) vs Folden (2-4)

Jim is coming off a hot week, moving up to 2nd in the standings.   Folden's been Bumming Turtles all year, but now he's coming off a big win that's moved him back into a better position.  Jim's won 3 games in a row and has been rolling over the competition.  Jim's projected to put up 20 more points than Folden.  Folden winning this game would make this league real tight.

Adam (4-2) vs Andrew (2-4)

Interesting fact about Andrew and I.  He and I have been in the championship in fantasy football in 3 or the 4 years we've done football god.  We have also, never won the championship.  We are the Manning Brothers, if Eli was as big a loser as Peyton.  I'm projected to kick Andrew's ass right now by about 20 points.

John (5-1) vs Rob (2-4)

John has scored more than 200 points more than Rob this season.  Rob is coming off his second win in a row though.  I'd like to think Rob could win this game, but it is NOT GOING TO FUCKING HAPPEN.  Here it is LOCK of the week. John over Rob

Joe (4-2) vs Shawn (2-4)

Joe's starting QB, Matt Ryan, is on bye this week.  In most cases I would have picked Joe to easily beat Shawn, based on how Joe's team has played.  But, I think the difference tween Ryan and Alex Smith might be enough to pull Shawn over Joe.  That's why this game is my pick for UPSET OF THE WEEK.


Munez (2-4) vs Colin (3-3)

Man, what a game.  Munez has 4 players on bye this week, Colin has 4 on bye. They have both lost 3 games in a row.  And, as of now, the only position player that Colin can substitute in for his empty flex spot is on the bench, and he plays at 8 tonight.  I love the slap stickiness that this game looks like it's going to afford.

Final Thoughts

There are 5 teams that are 2-4 in our league and they're all playing teams with better records.  If all 5 2-4 teams were to win this week, we'd have 6 teams at 3-4, 3 at 4-3, and one at 5-2.  It's almost so appetizing that I hope that's what happens.

Enjoy & good luck this week.

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