Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Halloweeeeeeen Weekend Edition of Football God

What up, Bitch.

Lots of big happenings in the college football predictions that need to be addressed.

#9 USC goes down Again! (Chris Jericho voice)

Who this affects?


All ten of us had USC in the national championship this year.  9 of us had them winning the championship.  The only person who gains anything from this is Folden.  He is the only person who had them not winning the championship.

Red Outs & Yellow Outs

In the Word document in which i posted all of our predictions, I RED OUT some predictions that no longer have a chance of occuring.  I'll yellow out pics that are teetering on the edge.  Let's go through some of those.


In the WAC Munez had New Mexico St winning.  They are 1-7 overall and 0-4 in their conference.  Official RED OUT!

Big 12

All of us are on the fringe.  But, those that picked Oklahoma still have a chance.  It would take a rough stretch run for Kansas St.  Texas and WVU picks though, which are teetering.  YELLOW OUT.


Voyten and I chose Western Michigan, who are an official RED OUT.  Everyone else has Ohio, who just lost a big game to fall to a 2nd place tie with three teams in their side of the conference.  Kent St hasn't lost yet in the conference.  Still a lot of ball to play there, so for now Ohio is safe, but one more loss and they will be dunzo.

GEORGIA upset Florida this weekend, keeping John and I choosing them to win the SEC and in the National Championship alive.  If they win out the next two games they are in the SEC championship.  Otherwise, Florida will go.  Who will they play?

Probably Alabama.  Only Rob and Colin picked Alabama to win the SEC.  Joe, Andrew, Voyten, Munez, and Jim picked LSU to win it.  LSU plays at home, hosting Alabama this weekend.  This is a HUGE game in the football God predictions battle.

In Conference USA, there are 5 different teams that were chosen to win.  They are all still in the vying for the championship.  However, Marshall just got throttled by Central Florida, which puts Joe and John's Marshall pick on high alert as an official YELLOW OUT.


As of now, there are only a couple of things that are redded out.  That mainly is Joe and Voyten's pick of Darrell Revis being the DPOY.  This is obviously because he's out for the year.

Other than that, most of our picks are still safe at the moment.  There are two, however, that are on the edge of the cliff.

My pick of New Orleans in the NFC Championship & and NFC wild card just fell to 2-5.  Also, Andrew picked them to win the division.  A yellow out that could become a Red out very soon.

Even closer to the edge of the RED is Jim's pick of having Carolina in the NFC Championship.  They just fell to 1-6.  Jim, along with John, had them winning the division, which they are now 6 games behind Atlanta, with 9 games to play.  Not officially out of it for the playoffs yet, but I think it's safe to Red them out as a division winner.  Folden also had them earning a wildcard berth, so for now, we'll keep them in the running for the wildcard.  For at least one more week.

I'll send you all an updated look at that tonight.


Voyten (3-4) def Adam (5-2)

This isn't for sure yet.  But it basically is.  I'm losing by about 65 points and have my kicker and TE left to play.  That's what I get for spot starting Brandon Stokley on a hunch.


Joe (4-3) def John

Again, this one isn't technically in the books yet.  But, Joe has 135 points to John's 59, with John only having his defense and Larod Stephens Fuck whatever his name is left to play.


Munez (3-4) def Jim (4-3)

Jim's team put together a late push, pulling this game to a few points, but it was too little too late.


Rob (3-4) def Colin (3-4)

Rob and Colin are most aptly explained by that song.  Rob is back to .500 after a pitiful 0-4 start.  Colin is now on a 5 game losing streak after starting 3-0.


Folden 138 vs Andrew 117 (1 to play)

Andrew has Frank Gore left to play.  He'll need a 100 yard game along with a touchdown to get his third win of the season.

Standings (as of now)

John 5-3
Adam 5-3
Joe 5-3
Munez 4-4
Jim 4-4
Rob 4-4
Shawn 4-4
Colin 3-5

Folden either 4-4 or 3-5
Andrew either 3-5 or 2-6

If Andrew's able to take Folden down tomorrow we will have quite the tight race.  We will have all 10 teams be within 2 games of each other.

Tomorrow or Tuesday I'll come back with a total score update.

As of now, Munez and Andrew are tied for the 10 point bonus this week.  We'll see how tomorrow wraps up.  They both have 17 points this week, and it doesn't appear that anyone else can catch them.  So, if they both pick the same team tomorrow, they will have the bonus.

So, until next time.  Fuck off.

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