Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Football God Update Week 6

Hey friends.  We are officially into the MEAT of all of football season right now.  I want to start today, by making a point about our preseason college pick 'em.

Colin is the only person in our league to still have an unbeaten team in the championship.  He has Alabama, who is also ranked #1 overall.  If they make the championship game, that would be a huge help to Colin in the standings.  As for the rest of us.  USC, Arkansas, Georgia, and LSU have all shit themselves.  They all (with the exception of Arkanss) could still fight their way back up, but it would be difficult.

Also, in how sad it is, Andrew's fantasy football team took another difficult defeat.  Andrew's opponents have put up 141 points a game this year on average.  The next closest is me at 119 points a game against.  That's an absurd difference.  When you look at the complete other end of the spectrum, John's team is seeing opposition at the rate of 92 points per game.  So, essentially, it's been relatively easy for John so far, and down right shitty for Andrew.

I'm naming Andrew my official underdog of the year that I wanna see turn it around.  Much like Munez last year and Folden in 2009.  It's fun to have someone to watch for and think to yourself, if I don't win it, I hope that miserable bastard does.

So, with that being said, let's look at the rest of Fantasy Football.

Jim's team put up 192 points this week, beating Voyten by more than 100 points.
John's beat Folden after a dismal effort by Folden's team.  They only put up about 50 points.
ROB eeked out a win against Munez, giving him his first win of the season.
I beat Colin in a back and forth match up that wasn't decided until the last few minutes of his last player's game.
And, as was stated before, Andrew lost to Joe by 5 points.  Andrew had a 7 point lead going into the Monday night game, with Joe's kicker left to play and Ben tate to play for Andrew.  Tate didn't play and Andrew is left to cry in his own pile of shit again.

So, 5 weeks into the fantasy season, here's where things stand:

Adam 4-1
John 4-1
Joe 4-1
Jim 3-2
Colin 3-2
Munez 2-3
Shawn 2-3
Andrew 1-4
Folden 1-4
Rob 1-4

Next week's matchups

Munez (2-3) vs John (4-1)

Munez better be on watch out, because John's opponents tend to shit the bed when they play him.  John's duo of A.J Green and Arian Foster has been pretty unstoppable this year.  If one of them has a shitty week, Munez could pull it out.  Assuming that he can avoid the John Curse.

Colin 3-2 vs Folden 1-4

Colin has dropped two in a row, while Folden's team has struggled.  Colin is projected to beat Folden by 20 this week, but I feel like Folden is going to rebound after last week's performance.  I'm going to put this in as my UPSET OF THE WEEK.

Joe (4-1) vs Rob (1-4)

Joe and Rob's seasons are almost complete opposites.  And considering that Rob's current flex player is predicted to score 0 points this week, it's a good bet that Joe will win.  This WOULD BE my Lock of the Week, except for...

Adam (4-1) vs Jim (3-2)

The fact that Jim has never beaten me in Fantasy Football.  This is our 5th year playing together, and in 7 previous matchups he has never beatin me.  One year I went 3-12.  Two of my wins were against Jim.  Also,   Jim's best QB, RB, and WR are all on bye this week.  Seems like a perfect storm, that's built to my LOCK OF THE WEEK

Andrew (1-4) vs Shawn (2-3)

I like this game a lot this week.  It's a good matchup between 2 hard luck teams.  Andrew's luck has been stated earlier, and Shawn's team has given up the 3rd most points.  What this means is that one of these two is going to win, and the final score will probably be around 180-175.  Who doesn't love a good shoot out?

College Pick 'Em & Pro Pick 'em

I'll start by going over the bonus's for the past two weeks.

In week 5 Joe and I each put up 17 points making us the winners of the ten point bonus
In week 6 Shawn scored 20 combined points, with the next closest person to him scoring 16.  Quite the ass beating.

I also want to point out that Joe got exactly 1 game right in the pro pick'em this week.  If you guessed at random with your eyes shut, chances are you would get 50 percent of the games right.  Amazing.

Overall Munez is leading college with 73 in the college pick'em with Shawn & Jim close behind.

Pros is led by Shawn and Rob with 38.  Interestingly, those are the only two people who have a winning record in pro pick'em this year, and it's only by 2 games.

Overall Scores:

Fantasy Football Score + College Pick'em + Pro Pick'em + (bonus) = Total points

Shawn 20+71+38+(35)= 164
Adam 40+65+33+(10)=148
Munez 20+73+30+(15)=138
Joe 40+54+32+(10)=136
Colin 30+63+34=127
Jim 30+71+25=126
John 40+47+34=121
Rob 10+55+38=103
Folden 10+59+33=102
Andrew 10+58+34=102

As the point totals indicate, fantasy football is the main factor in the standings right now.  The only other difference is the bonus's.  The 4 people who have obtained bonus's are the top 4 spots right now.

So here are your places, with also a trending indicator in whether the person is rising or falling in the standings.

1. Shawn (+1)
2. Adam (+1)
3. Munez (-2)
4. Joe (+1)
5. Colin (-1)
6. Jim (=)
7. John (+1)
8. Rob (+1)
t9. Andrew (-2)
t9. Folden (+1)

So, I'm going to start doing a regular weekly column  in probably 2 weeks.

Next week, I'm going to do a prediction update, based on indicators of how people are doing with their predictions.  As always, check your own score, I HAVE fucked up before.  And take care.


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