Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Week Ahead...

So, what's going on in the week ahead that could have an impact on our overall scores?  There are a few games of note.

Georgia vs Florida

John & I have Georgia playing in the National Championship.  If Florida wins this game they clinch the SEC east, effectively ending Georgia's chances for a title birth, and John and I will be forced to deal with the realization that we picked Georgia to actually win big games.

Louisville vs Cincinnati

This game effects nearly everyone in Football God.  Everyone aside from Folden and John had one of these two teams winning the Big East.  The winner of this game will likely only have Rutgers between them and the Big East Championship.

Fantasy Football Preview

Adam 5-2 vs Shawn 3-4

Although I'm two games better than Shawn in the standings, he comes in with a 6 point advantage in the overall projections this week.  I pulled a win last week out of my ass, using Andrew's bad luck as my lube.  I think I'll call this one early as my UPSET OF THE WEEK

Folden 3-4 vs Andrew 2-5

Andrew's season has become one of total disappointment.  Last week Andrew played against the person who scored the most points in the week, again.  Andrew's still got some time to come back, but he's going to have to start making some moves relatively soon.  Folden will probably score 400 points, while Andrew's season of Job continues

Munez 3-4 vs Jim 4-3 
Munez had a nice comeback game last week to get back on the right track.  Jim lost a close one to Folden.  Jim's team has averaged about 140 points the last three weeks, and he still scored 130 last week with Drew Brees on bye.  I'm going to put him in for the LOCK OF THE WEEK over Munez this week.

Colin 3-4 vs Rob 3-4

Colin is hurting. Losing 4 in a row, while Rob's rolling, winning 3 in a row.  Both of their rosters are at full strength, and I think this is the week when Colin gets back on track.  I mean it has to happen at some point, right?


John 5-2 vs Joe 4-3

Big game this week for Joe and John.  John comes into the game off only his second loss, and this week plays without Adrian Foster & A.J Green, who are easily the most reliable players on his roster.  Joe has a few players on bye, but his roster depth  is pretty good so he should be ok.  This is a very competitive game this week and has should be a good one.

That's all for the week, good luck and be safe on this halloween weekend.

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