Sunday, October 14, 2012

Football God Update: College Projections

So, I know it's still early in the college Conference play season, but I figured.  It is halfway through the season in general, so why not take a look at where we are for each conference.

I won't be covering the PAC 10 or the MAC, because we all have USC & Boise St.  I also won't be covering the WAC, because they have only played one conference game so far.

Otherwise, we'll start from the alphabetical top.  I'll be putting their conference record in there, not their overall.  Also, if you're wondering why some teams are listed in red, that's not a good thing.  It means they are bad and so are you for picking them.

ACC:  Teams picked to win. Fl St, Clemson, & VA TEch

FL State 3-1 (Everyone else)
Clemson 2-1 (Shawn & Joe)
VA Tech 2-1 (Adam & Folden)

If the season ended today, it would actually be Maryland & Miami in the ACC Championship game.  VA Tech is 4-3 overall, and although they have pretty much control their own destiny, they also went 0-2 against Big East teams this year, so I wouldn't really hold my breath.  The only thing that VA Tech has going for it is a pretty bad coastal conference that they play in, and a tendency to play well down the stretch in recent years.

On Clemson & FL St's side of the conference, Maryland has taken an early lead in the conference.  After the next three weeks, they could be 5-0, based off of some below average competition.  However, this is a little misleading, because their final three games of the season are against clemson, fl st, and north carolina, easily 3 of the best teams in the ACC this year.

Most likely, it's going to end up with FL St & Clemson both tied at the top of the conference, with FL St holding the tie break.

Current ACC projection: FL St vs Below average Coastal Team

Big 12 Conference

Texas: 1-2 (shawn, joe, john)
WVU 2-1 (Jim, Adam, Folden)
Oklahoma 2-1 (Andrew, Colin, Rob, Munez)

The Big 12 is filled with lots of 1 loss teams right now, but the only team that's undefeated in the Conference is Kansas St.  Nobody had them winning the conference; however, Folden did have them in a BCS bowl.

It's early still, but it's pretty safe to say that Texas is not going to win the Big 12.  As of right now the projection is simple.  If Kansas St wins this weekend against WVU, you may be able to close the Big 12 down for the season.

Current Projection: Kansas St

Big 10

Michigan St (John)
Wisconsin (Adam & Andrew)
Michigan (everyone else)

Well Michigan St is 1-2 in the Big 10 so it's pretty safe to say they're out of it now.  Sorry John.
Wisconsin has a loss in the Big 10, however, their conference is kind of a gimmie.  Penn St & Ohio St aren't allowed to play in the post season.  Their remaining competition of Purdue, Indiana, and Illinois are a combined 0-8 in conference play.  It's pretty safe to say we'll see them in the Big 10 championship game.  Michigan plays Iowa at home.  Iowa avoids Oh St this year in the schedule, Michigan does not.

Current Projection: Iowa vs Wisconsin

Big East

Rutgers 3-0 (nobody)
Louisville 1-0 (everyone else)
Cinci 1-0 (Shawn & Colin)
South Florida 0-2 (John)
Pittsburgh 0-3 (Folden)

It's so early in the Big East season it's hard to project out who is going to win the conference.  It's important to note though that Folden's Pitt pick and John's South Florida pick are looking like they aren't going to work out.  Louisville, Cinci, and Rutgers are all undefeated, they all play each other, but the big difference is that Rutgers is 3-0 in confrence play.  They've taken care of business against the lesser than's in their conference and only have the good teamss left.  So...for now

Current Project: Rutgers

Conference U.S.A

Tulsa 4-0 (Colin)
UCF 2-0 (Jim, Rob, Adam)
Houston 2-0 (Andrew & Munez)
SMU 1-1 (Shawn, Folden)
Marshall 1-1 (Joe, John)

Year in and year out this is my favorite conference to watch.  Not only is it always a cluster fuck until the last week or two of the season, but it also always has the biggest disparity between each of us.

Current Projection: I shit my pants and sit in it all day, I have no fucking idea


Florida 5-0 (nobody)
Alabama 3-0 (Rob & Colin)
Georgia 3-1 (Adam & John)
LSU 2-1 (everyone else)
Arkansas 2-2 (Folden)

Look dude, I dunno.  lots of teams left, I'll revisit this one in a couple weeks, after Florida has played Georgia and SC.

Current Projection: Alabama vs Georgia/SC/Florida

Sun Belt Conference

Louisiana Lafayette 2-0 (Shawn)
FIU 0-3 (Adam, Jim, Colin,John)
Arkansas St 2-1 (Folden, Joe, Rob, Munez

Projection...It's hard to say here.  There are 5 teams that are either unbeaten or have one loss in conference play right now.  I'll shoot here with Louisiana Monroe, since they were so good in non conference play

Louisiana Monroe.

Last but not least, the MAC

Western Michigan 1-2 (Shawn, Adam)
Ohio 3-0 (everyone else)

Projection Ohio vs Toledo/Nor Ill

Overall Projection:

Overall, If I look from top to bottom at who has the best predictions so far, so far as the Championship game and all the conference winners goes.  Andrew, Rob, and Munez have the most consistent looking predictions so far.  None of their picks have worked their way out of contention yet.  I'll revisit this in three weeks and see where we are down the stretch.  Hope you enjoyed this.

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