Monday, October 22, 2012


Updates in the week of the underdog.

As stated before, all five 2-4 teams were playing against teams with better records.  Here's where we stand on that.

Shawn (2-4) vs Joe (4-2)  Shawn pounded Joe's team, who didn't bother to show up.  Confirmed UPSET!

Munez (2-4) vs Colin (3-3)  Munez has a 50 point lead, while Colin has only Calvin Johnson remaining to play.  Extremely Likely, UPSET!

Rob (2-4) vs John (5-1) Rob is down by 11 points and has his quarterback and a receiver left to play.  Unless Cutler has one of his dog shit games that he's known to have from time to time, we're looking at a very likely UPSET!

Johnson Bowl! Andrew (2-4) vs Adam (4-2)  Andrew had it all locked up yesterday.  A ten point lead, with my last 2 players finishing up.  Then Eli hit Victor Cruz on a 70 yard TD pass that put Eli over 300 yards passing, Cruz over 100 yards receiving, and a TD for both, giving me 30 points on one play.

Andrew has his kicker remaining, and will need a huge day from him to have a chance.  Unlikely but still possible upset

Jim (4-2) vs Folden (2-4)  Folden has a 14 1/2 point lead over Jim, while Jim has Matt Forte remaining.  So, coin flip UPSET!

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