Thursday, September 27, 2012

Football God Week 4 Update

What up my nerds.  We're 4 weeks into Football God 5, and things are developing slowly.  I'm going to start today by talking about a few suprises in regards to our predictions.

Early in the college season, Arkansas completely imploded and USC has an early loss, which does not bode well for all of us.  However, in our championship game losers, all of us (other than Folden) are having good luck with our teams. LSU, Fl St, Georgia, and Alabama are all undefeated and in the top 5.

First red out of the year.

So if you guys look at the preseason predictions at the end of the year, I use red to show a prediction you did not get correct.  I update these throughout the year whenever I'm bored.  Not suprisingly, Folden's pick of Arkansas to win the National Championship is the first red out of the year.

On another side, Folden's the only person to pick Kansas St in a BCS game.  Admittedly, the Big 12 season is just starting, but after a win on the road against Oklahoma, that pick is looking pretty good.

In the NFL, there aren't too many picks that are looking bad so far.  NE, GB & Pittsburgh are out to 1-2 starts, and Buffalo & Minnesota are out to  2-1 starts.  The Arizona Cardinals are the best team on the planet, and the Falcons are looking pretty unstoppable.  Those are out of character, but there is a ton of season left to play.

My New Orleans pick to make the NFC championship is the only one that's truly looking worrisome so far. They have started 0-3 and play the Packers on the Road this week.  They could easily be looking at 0-4 this time next week.

Fantasy Football

3 weeks into the fantasy season and we are down to 2 undefeated teams; Colin and myself. John, Joe, and Munez are both at 2-1.  Jim, Andrew, and Shawn are 1-2.  Rob and Anthony are both 0-3.  For those of you at 0-3 you shouldn't lose hope.  After what turned out being an oversight by me, 6 teams will be making the playoffs this year, with the top 2 teams having a first round bye.

Hard luck fantasy player of the year so far.

 I know it's easier to pick someone who is 0-3, but I'm giving it to Andrew so far.  Andrew's opponents have scored, on average, 30 points more a week than the next closest person to him.  His opponents are averaging 138 points a week against him, while Me, the next closest person to him is having only 112 put up against him a week.

Our week 4 match ups show some interesting match ups.

Jim (1-2) vs Andrew (1-2)
Might as well start with Andrew to start.  Andrew and Jim are both trying to get to .500.  Andrew is predicted to beat Jim right now by about 20 points.  With Andrew's luck so far, Drew Brees and Colston will probably hook up for about 300 yards and 4 td's between the 2 of them for Jim.

Folden (0-3) vs Rob (0-3)
This game is the first road of recovery for one person and what could be a nail of sorts for another.  Remember, last year, I started 0-5 and fought only to be out of contention for the playoffs in the last game of the regular season.

Munez (2-1) vs Joe (2-1)
Great game to see which of these two is going to make an early push for supremacy.  If it's anything like the time they played beer pong together, the game will last 6 hours and their livers will equally lose.

Voyten (1-2) vs Colin (3-0)
Colin is cruising and Voyten is losing.  I think this is the closest thing to a lock we have this week.  Colin is scoring nearly 40 points more a week than Shawn right now.

Adam (3-0) vs John (2-1)
This is an EXTREMELY even match up this week.  My team has scored exactly 1 point more than John's has this season.  If he and I had played last week, I would have beat him by 18/100ths of a point.  If things go as they are now, this should be a crazy game.

College Pick 'em

Week 3 Pick 'em results.

Munez jumped out an impressive 16 correct in college that week and followed it up with getting 3 out of 16 in pros.  Didn't get it done.  Shawn scored 14 in college and 10 in the NFL giving him 24 points and the 10 point bonus for week 3.

In week 4,  Shawn put up 11 in college and 9 in the NFL giving him another 10 point bonus.  4 weeks into the Pick'em season and only 2 players have accrued any bonus points.  Shawn has taken down 25 and Munez 15.

Overall total scores below

(Pro + College + Fantasy +(bonus))

1. Munez 17+57+ 20+ (15)=109
2. Shawn 23+52+ 10 +(25) = 108
3. Adam 18+48+30=96

4. Colin 20+45+30=95
5. Joe 24+34+20=78

6. Jim 14+54+10=78

7. Andrew 22+45+10=77

8. John 21+30+20 =71
9. Rob 25+41=66

10.Folden 18+44=62

That's our scores so far, we're only four weeks into what abouts to a 21 or 22 week season so don't get discouraged.  Colin was our leader through most of the year last year, but fell off hard when his predictions ended up being eatin asshole.

Until next week.

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