Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Football God first update 2012

Hey guys, I've decided that for the first part of the season, I'm not going to write updates every week.  I appreciate that most of you guys read it every week, so I'm going to still do a point update most weeks, but I won't be doing a long update every week until we're about half way through the college season.  So, for now, let's start with a couple of updates.

Arkansas lost this weekend to Division 1AA Louisiana Monroe, which is Folden's national champion pick.  It's unusal for us to have a national championship pick taken out of the running this early in the year.  Folden will probably be hoping for a team outside of USC & LSU to win the national championship this year.  As it's shown in the past, picking the national champ doesn't always make the difference between the winner or losers.

Other than that, everybody is looking good in Predictions, given that it's only the 2nd week of the Football God season


Week 1 of College Pick 'em ended with Shawn & Munez tying for the most points that week.  That gives them each a 5 point bonus for week 1.

In Week 2.  Here's a rundown

Munez scored 22 points to earn a 10 point bonus to go along with his 5 point bonus from week 1.
Jim put up a huge 16 points in college and only scored 3 in pros.
Joe & John proved themselves to be the kind of twins with ESP by both not making ANY PICS FOR THE WEEK IN COLLEGE.


Fantasy Football

Last year was legitimately the best year of fantasy football I've ever played in my life.  12 teams last year and nobody was out of it with still 2 weeks to go in the season.  This year we have 10 teams, and I really hope it's as fun and interesting as it was last year.

So for this week.

Munez scored the most posts this week beating defending champion Voyten.  This has been a great start for Munez this year.

Andrew took it to Rob, keeping alive his tradition of making draft picks that I have no understanding of, however he always ends up in the championship game or at least the playoffs.

Jim beat John, starting off the year on the right track, two teams who made the playoffs last year.

I beat Folden, the person who has beaten me the most over the last few years, finally got a win over him.

And, Colin put a royal beat down on last year's runner up Joe.


Munez 62 (15 bonus points)
Jim 43
Adam 42
Andrew 41
Colin 41
Shawn 36 (5 bonus points)
Rob 30
Folden 29
Joe 20
John 17

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