Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Demi Gods & Donkey Dicks Week 4

Demi God

For this week, we're going to have a tie. Andrew & Geiss put up exact numbers in their the pic 'ems, and they both won their fantasy football games. I couldn't decide between my best friend of like 30 years and my brother of like 30 years, so I figured I'd flip a cup. But, then I realized, "Duh, Adam, you don't flip a cup to decide something, you flip a coin. Flipping a cup is for flip cup." So, instead I bought a twelve pack and played flip cup alone for the entire day. Then when I woke up from being passed out I realized that I still hadn't made up my mind about Demi God. So, I just made it a tie.

Donkey dick of the week

Going to have to give this one to old ROB "KLINGON" KLINGONSMITH
That's right pal. You're team isn't worth even the ten dollars you are putting your face in right now. Just kidding, you haven't been that bad. But, you did put up a sweet 15 points in pick em this week. That's right 15 points COMBINED. Folden put up 15 points in the College pick em alone. STRATHMORE STOCK BITCH. Not only that, but your team shit the bed in fantasy football, and your superbowl prediction teams are a combined 1-5. AND, one of your national championship teams already has a loss., you are going to be a lawyer someday...should probably keep you on my good side.

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