Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NFL Preseason Pics

Well Well Well, we got some preseasn NFL picks in. First, let's go through some stats

6 People have the Pittsburgh Steelers repeating as Super Bowl Champions. (Jim, Colin, Geiss, Joe, Rob, & Munez)

Aside from that we have 1 for NE (Andrew), 1 for Indianapolis (lil ol' me) 1 for San Diego (Shawn) and one for Phili (Folden)

The most popular choice for the Super Bowl this year was Pittsburgh vs Phili with 3 people choosing that. (Munez, Rob, & Jim) followed by 2 for the Pittsburgh Vs the New York Giants (Joe, & Geiss). The other Pittsburgh choice was Rob taking them to face Carolina.

Other Choices were my Indi vs Minnesota (hoping for the Peyton vs Brett match up one more time), San Diego vs Phili for Folden, San Diego vs Green Bay for Shawn, and New England vs Green Bay in a rematch of Superbowl 31 for Andrew.

Let's move on to those Conference Championship games. What many sports fans call the best week of football for a true football fan, before the corporate whoring of the Superbowl.

I shit you not, but every fucking person put Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship game. So if they go down we all go down. Some more than others. The overwhelming pick was (for the 34th time this decade) New England vs Pittsburgh (Geiss, Jim, Andrew, Munez, Rob, & Joe) myself with Indi vs Pitt, Shawn, Colin and Folden with Pittsburgh vs San Diego. How am I the only fucking person to put Indi in the AFC Championship? Is there something I don't know about going on? Did Peyton Manning sell his soul for a donut commercial?
Just so you guys know, if you type Shawn Voyten into a Google image search, this picture will be in the top 10 results
The NFC Championship provides a bit more variety. Suprisingly 3 people picked Phili vs Green Bay to play each other (Folden, Colin & Jim) I think Colin & Jim jerked each other off while they made their picks, because they are pretty fucking comparable. Odd, considering they've never met. Maybe they had cyber sex. 4 other people had Phili in the NFC championship. Myself & Munez have them playing the Vikings, Joe has them playing the Giants, and Rob has them playing Carolina. In other games, Geis has the most original pick of all of us taking Chicago vs the Giants, Shawn's taking Green Bay vs Dallas, Andrew taking New Orleans vs Green Bay.

Now let's run through the Divisons

AFC North

Everybody has Pittsburgh winning that one. Enough said

AFC East

Unanimous New England
P.S Bill Belichick hates it when you talk, while he fucks you in the ass

AFC West

San Diego gets 10. Everybody else gets 0
(Last year I took Denver and was preparing to cum in everybody else's face at week 14. Then Denver came in my face...I did not recover)

AFC South

8 People took the Colts
2 People didn't (Munez with Jacksonville & Colin with Tennessee)

NFC East

8 People took Phili
2 took the Giants (Folden and Geiss)

NFC Norris (I hate you Chris Berman)

GB - Jim, Shawn, Colin, & Rob
Minnesota - Me, Folden, Andrew, Munez,
Chicago - Joe & Geiss

NFC West

Arizona - Folden, Jim, Colin, Rob, Joe
Seattle - Shawn, Andrew, Geiss, Munez

NFC South

New Orleans - Me, Folden, Shawn, Andrew, Munez, and Joe
Atlanta - Jim & Geiss
Carolina - Colin & Rob

Wild Card
Now we have some fun, let's get to this one. I'm sure everybody's going to have some crazy fucking picks here right.


8 people took Baltimore to get in again. Not a bad choice, their schedule is softer than my rape eyes. (adam, jim, shawn, andrew, colin, munez, rob, joe)

Tennessee - The return of our favorite running back Glendale White was able to conjure up 2 picks (Jim & Folden)

Colin put Indi in with one of his choices, making Munez the only person to not put Indi in the playoffs.

The pick I'm already regretting making is my other wild card selection of putting the Oakland Raiders into the playoffs. San Fran and Oakland in the playoffs. Fuck me.

The Texans received a suprising 4 votes this season by Geiss, Andrew, Shawn, and Rob

Miami conjured up 3 votes from Geiss, Munez, and Joe

Who the fuck am I missing here. Only 19 picks so far. Never mind found it. It's Folden's other pick of the New York Jets (almost as bad as my Oakland pick)

NFC Wildcard

This will be more diverse so i'll just do each person and who they picked.

Adam - Dallas & Chicago
Geiss - Phili & Minnesota
Jim - Dallas & New York G
Folden - Green Bay & Phili
Shawn - Dallas & Chicago
Andrew - Green Bay & Atlanta
Colin - Atlanta & Minnesota
Munez - Took the NFC Championship of the 1990s Dallas vs San Fran HE'S DRINKING THE KOOL AID TOO, SAN FRAN MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!
Rob - New Orleans & Minnesota
Joe - Green Bay & New York Giants

So the NFC is pretty diverse.

By the way. If someone has Dallas in the wildcard and they were to win the division the person gets half the points for putting them in the playoffs but getting which was wrong. So, instead of 30 points it would be 15. Dallas was just an example goes for any team

The Byes are almost exactly the same, so I'm not bothering with that. Same thing with the top 3 pics. You'll get all that in the attachment


This one was led by Spic Sanchez, garnering 4 votes (myself, Jim, Folden, & Colin). After that we got a lot of variety. Munez and Voyten took percy Harvin, Rob took UConn's Donald Brown, Joe went with Matt Stafford, Geiss took Knoshawn (i hate black people names) Moreno, & Andrew went with sure to be a bust Darrius Heyward Bey.

DROY Bunch of dudes...bunch of dudes...i tire of this the rest will be in the attachment.

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