Monday, September 7, 2009

Football God Week 1 Recap

So we are offically underway boys. Week 1 of college football had some nice little surprise. The biggest and best moment of the week was BYU upsetting Oklahoma, while Baby Tits watched from the sidelines.

Also, Rutgers took a hit, getting ABSOLUTELY PUMMELED by Cinci. So much for them being the sexy pick in the big east this year. This comes as no surprise to me, because there is only one sexy thing coming out of the Big East this year, and every year. Until it gets sent back to Virginia Military Institute that is.
Also, Ohio St looked particularly not good against Navy on Saturday, while WVU did the viewers a favor by letting Liberty stay close throughout the game. Also, Pitt won, although I know nothing about how good they looked in doing so. Rob's alma mater Penn St took it to College Football Powerhouse, while not covering the spread. They continue their horrific schedule next week with a game against Syracuse, whose quarterback was Duke's fucking point guard last season. It's going to be tough to find somebody other than Greg Paulus win the "Matt Cassel Award" for most starts at quarterback this season for a guy who hasn't played in half a decade.

I guess there really isn't a lot to update this week. The detailed updates will come next week, once we have a full slate of fantasy games, NFL & College Pick'ems, and developing twists and turns in our preseason pics.

So for now, let's just start with the College Pick'em for week 1. Shawn pulled out to a slim and early lead with 12 points, followed by a shit load of people at 11 points, then Rob at 10, and then Geiss & Jimbo at 9. Whatever, it's early, this is going to change. Probably with me at/near the bottom.

So...Let's have a conversation about preaseason pics that fell off early. Check that, let's talk about Rob's preseason picks that fell off early. Rob had Oklahoma in the BCS Championship, and although this week doesn't effect there Big 12 chances, he had them winning that too. Rob had Ball St winning the MAC, who lost to one of the worst programs in college football North Texas. To be fair, only three teams from the MAC won their game this weekend, none of which being conference related games, but still I'm making fun of Rob here. Rob also had Rutgers winning the Big East...'nuff said. And, Rob had VT winning the ACC. I know that Alabama was a non-conference game, and they played 'Bama tough for most of the game, but still. It's worth making a point that Rob's preseason pics are cancer for the teams that he picked so far.

Next week, I'll be back to update everybody on the what's ups, & to make fun of somebody else for their picks...maybe even myself. Until then, get your picks in, set your fantasy football team, and get ready for some fucking NFL. I'm going to go out by saying that this Miami vs Florida St game is tits. 31-31 with 4 minutes left to go.

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