Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 3 Results Show: Part 2

Well, I'm going to avoid showing any pictures this post, because my eye balls hurt. We'll get down to the stank nast.

The 49ers are 2-0 defeating the Cardinals and the Seahawks in their first two games. Suck my dick.

People who picked Atlanta and New Orleans are happy. Each are 2-0 early on in the season. Of course Rob's super bowl pick Carolina is 0-2 in that division. Soon, Rob may have the first big casualty of the season, for his Super Bowl loser.

The NY Giants took advantage of Tony Romo's bed shitting Sunday Night en route to a last second victory. They also stand at 2-0.

And the Minnesota Favre stand at 2-0, having beat the Cleveland Browns and the Detroit Lions this season. They will have their next barn burner next week against win less St.Louis.

In the AFC, 3 teams that nobody had winning their divisions are sitting at the top. The New York Jets, Baltimore, & the Broncos. Everybody can rest easily though, as the only 100% sure fire thing to happen this season is for San Diego to win the west. Folden was the only one with the foresight to pick the Jets, but he didn't man up enough to put them at the division win. Only at the wild card level. And the Ravens are 2-0 after beating the AFC west to start the season.

In the AFC South the Colts took two difficult games down to the wire to start 2-0 for like the 1,000th time in a row.

In the pro pick 'em Folden & Munez tied with a nice 11 out of 16. Colin, Rob, & Jim all put up 10. That's when things start to get bad, with myself and Geiss only going 8-8, Andrew only going 7-99, and Shawn & Joe going 5-11 a piece.

So for the season, here is your leader board.

Munez 25
Jim 25
Folden 23
Colin 23
Rob 21
Geiss 20
Adam 20
Andrew 18
Joe 16
Voyten 16

The college standings for the season so far are

Adam 35
Joe 35
Colin 35
Munez 35
Folden 34
Jim 34
Geiss 33
Voyten 32
Rob 30
Andrew 30

Plus all of these people got the ten point bonus for their fantasy wins this week. Those are the following


So now we have our current point standings.

Current Standings
(Last Week Results on the Right)
1. Colin 78 2 (^1)
2. Rob 71 5 (^3)
3. Munez 70 T6 (^3)
4. Folden 67 T6 (^2)
5. Adam 65 1 (- 4)
6. Geiss 63 3 (-3)
7. Joe 61 4 (-3)
8. Jim 59 8 (" ")
9. Voyten 58 9 (" ")
10.Andrew 48 10 (" ")

Football Demi God of the Week

Gonna have to give it to the man, Colin Reilly. Check that, Chris Everett. Colin not only won his fantasy football game, tied for the win in college football pick 'em, but he also tied for 3rd, one of the victory in the pro pick 'em. Pretty fucking manly

In case you guys were wondering, YES, Colin loves his Beaver in the process of shaving, while looking in a vanity mirror.

Donkey Dick of the Week

This one was kind of tough for me. Sunday, when I realized that Joe had forgotten to many any pics for the Sunday 1:00 games, I had automatically penciled him in. But, when Voyten finished the week tied with Joe with only 5 correct predictions, even though he had 9 chances more than Joe to break that tie. Briefly my decision wavered. However, in the end Joe wins it.

Let's just put it this way. Forgetting is Strathmore Stock. Even if you decide spur of the moment to drive to Alabama to watch WVU shit their faces, you can still take the 5 minutes at any point of the week to make your choices. And, anybody who forgets in the future, learn from this cautionary tale. There's $20 beans available here, but more importantly...Pride

Get your picks in (that means you Joe.)

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