Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sexy Week 3 Updates: Part 1

Yo, what's up my dickles? I'm back with a boner ready to tell you all about the stanky cheese that went down in the game of sports this weekend so far.

Let's start off with the obvious. Geiss's National Championship Pick, USC, lost this weekend to Washington. This makes 3 people who have had their a team playing in their National Championship losing in the first 3 weeks of the season. OH MY!

In a move that makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever, the AP voted the Hurricanes #9 in the country. This means that Miami has gone from unranked to a top 10 team by beating Florida St & Georgia Tech, two slightly above average programs from the ACC. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT be suprised when this unrealistic and undeserved acclaim train hits the fucking wall down the road.

Speaking of undeserving. After losing to Miami and almost losing to Jacksonville St, Florida St got back into the top 25 jumping to fucking 18th in the country, by stomping a mid major. The voters really want the ACC to be good, don't they. I mean they just cum in their pants over it.
just like you guys while you read the sexy updates.
What this means for our preseason predictions is that Miami is 2-0 in the ACC. Georgia Tech's loss puts them down a little bit for Shawn, and I mentioned Florida St so that I could put pictures of Jenn Sturger's sexy tits up.

In other news USC fell to #12, Oklahoma is up to #10, and Ohio State fell two spots to #13, even though they crushed their opponent this weekend. That being said, Geiss, Shawn, and Rob's picks for National Championship Game teams still have a shot to rise back up to the top. Unlikely, but it's better to lose early than late.

In other news WVU showcased supreme choking capabilities, it was a good 4 years, it's time for the mediocrity to resume.
Penn State refused to cover the spread again.

And Pitt played...nobody really noticed. Especially not the voters of the Top 25 poll.

In the College Pick 'em this week. Jim & Colin kept their momentum running getting an impressive 14 games a piece. Right behind them Joe & Munez had 13. The full results are below.

Jim 14
Colin 14
Munez 13
Joe 13
Adam 12
Geiss 12
Voyten 10
Rob 10
Folden 10
Andrew 9

I hope you all enjoyed your sexy updates. I'll be back tomorrow or Tuesday with the NFL updates and updated standings.
Andrew 9

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