Sunday, September 27, 2009

Football God Week 4

Another week in the books. In college football 4 of the top 10 teams in the country lost. 3 of which were to unranked teams. Penn State took a geriatric dump on their own chests, Ole Miss somehow let Steve Spurriur become relevant again, Miami made VT look like a good team, and Cal got absolutely SLAUGHTERED by Oregon. This does nothing but strengthen the argument that there should be no pre season rankings in College Football.

In other news, Boise State has been bumped up to #5 in the nation. Here's a question. If Boise St wins out, how many teams do you think will jump them. I mean we are 4 games into the season and although Boise is undefeated, their is no realistic chance that they will play for the national championship.

In the pick 'em this week, Folden put up a blistering 15 points. Andrew finally joined the party, picking up 13 points. The rest of us were meandering between 12 and 10, except for Joe who put up 9 points, and Rob who put up a dismally pathetic 7.

Good Pick, Better Pick, Worst Pick

Good picks this week, Jim & I took South Florida over Florida State, Folden & Munez took SMU over the 13.5 point spread, Geiss & Folden got Iowa over PSU, Jim & Folden got ASU over Georgia, & Me and Geiss got Stanford over Washington

An even better pick was Folden's foresight to take Miss St over LSU. I guess when you're going to go 15-6 you're going to get a lot of games right.

Worst Pick - It could go a lot of ways, but I think Rob & I taking Kentucky over Florida was a pretty obviously bad pick with only a three touchdown spread.

Below are the season leaders in college pick 'em.

In other news, conference play is finally underway for most teams. A couple of weeks down the road, I'll finally be able to give a detailed analysis of each conference, how things are looking and what not.

In the NFL, things were a bit odd today. The Denver Broncos improved to 3-0, the Bengals went to 2-1, dropping the Steelers to 1-2. The Jets are 3-0. The Saints are 3-0, San Fran is 2-1. None of those teams made the playoffs last year. Besides the Broncos, Jets, and Saints, the Colts, Ravens, Giants, & Vikings are undefeated. Minnesota accomplished this on the pants wetting throw by Brett Favre to (didn't know he was still in the league) Greg Lewis.

As far as our pre-season predictions go, my picks are looking good so far, as the Colts and Vikings are both undefeated so far. The only teams anybody had in the Superbowl that have a losing record so far are the Steelers and the Panthers. Every other team is either 3-0 or 2-1.

Actually, altogether Tennessee, Carolina, Arizona, Pittsburgh, & Miami are a combined 2-13 so far. These teams went a combined 57-23 last year. All of them went to the playoffs, 3 of them had first round byes, all 5 won their divisons, and 2 of them played in the Superbowl.

Good Pick, Better Pick, Worst Pick

Good picks for the week - Munez & Voyten taking Jacksonville over Houston was good. Also, Geiss, Folden, and Jim had Denver over the Raiders.

Better pick - My pick of the Lions winning over Washington was the best pick of the week. That's how you sit in a chair. Also, Andrew being the only one to take the Jets over Tennessee was some good picking.

Worst picks of the week - This one has to go to Rob. He took 0-2 Carolina over Dallas on the road. Not savvy.

NFL picks of the week total

Voyten - 12
Munez - 11
Geiss - 11
Adam - 11
Joe - 11
Folden - 11
Andrew - 10
Colin - 10
Jim - 10
Rob - 8

Overall Results


Folden - 49
Adam - 47
Colin - 46
Jim - 45
Munez - 45
Geiss - 45
Joe - 44
Andrew - 43
Voyten - 42
Rob - 37 (is it too early to start figuring out Rob's elimination number here)


Munez - 36
Jim - 35
Folden - 34
Colin - 33
Adam - 31 (oddly, Geiss & I have had the same record all three weeks so far)
Geiss - 31
Rob - 29
Voyten - 28
Andrew - 28
Joe - 27

Fantasy Football

Joe - 20
Voyten - 20
Rob - 20
Colin - 20
Geiss - 20
Munez - 20
Adam - 10
Folden - 10
Andrew - 10
Jim - 0

Overall Total (Make sure to re do the math on your self. I do these quickly and believe it or not, i am fallible)

1. Munez - 101 (LW 3 ^2)
2. Colin - 99 (LW 1 (-1)
3. Geiss - 96 (LW 6 (^3)
4. Folden - 93 (LW 4 Even Steven)
5. Joe - 91 (LW 7 (^2)
6. Voyten - 90 (LW 9 (^3)
7. Adam - 88 (LW 5 (-2)
8. Rob - 86 (LW 2 (-6)
9. Andrew - 81 (LW 10 (^1)
10. Jim - 80 (LW 8 (-2)

Congrats Munez, you rose to the cream of the crop. I'm proud of you. I'll do the Demi God & Donkey Dick tomorrow. L8er Sk8ers.

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