Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Football God Week 2: Part 2

Ok, now that those pesky Monday Night games are over with, and I have a few minutes to sit down and blog, let's get to it. We'll start with the pro picks for the NFL's first week. Jim came out with a redonk 15 of 16 correct predictions. The fluke Denver touchdown being the only thing that stopped him from a perfect score. Directly behind him was Munez, whose glove fit a little better with 14 points.

Here is how the scores came out for the week
Jim 15
Munez 14
Colin 13
Adam 12
Folden 12
Geiss 12
Joe 11
Voyten 11
Andrew 11
Rob 11

Add in the college scores so far:
Folden 24
Adam 23
Shawn 22
Munez 22
Joe 22
Geiss 21
Colin 21
Andrew 21
Rob 20
Jim 20

Also add the 10 points that the winners of week one fantasy football won

That means that right now, the Football God leader board looks like this

Adam 45
Colin 44
Geiss 43
Joe 43
Rob 43
Munez 36
Folden 36
Jim 35
Shawn 33
Andrew 32

So there you go, 2 weeks into the season and I'm winning. I might as well enjoy it now, because that most assuredly won't continue. It would have been interesting if Geiss and I had played in week 1 of the fantasy football season, because I would have beaten him by 1/5th of a point.

So let's move on to our Football Demi God of the week

Jim and Folden each looked good with there pro and college pick 'em scores, but neither won their fantasy game. Colin showed some overall consistancy, but his college picks hurt him a bit this week. Without showing favoritism I am going to have to give it to myself. I finished in third in the pro pick 'em, second in the college, and I won my fantasy football game. That's overall consistancy.

For the donkey dick award for the week, going to the guy who sucked the most donkey dick, I was really wanting to give it to Rob, just to insight a rivalry, but he had to scrape his shit together at the last second and win his fantasy game. So instead, I'm going to have to give it to the elder Johnson. Tied for last in the pro pick 'em, tied for last in the college pick 'em and lost his fantasy football game. Andrew sucked the most donkey dick this week.

So, get those pick 'em pics in and get those fantasy rosters ready. We are finally underway of what's sure to be a great season

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