Tuesday, November 1, 2016

'Member November? I Member!

What's up Pusssssssssssy's.  It's November 1st, officially bringing in the month of Football God where we Bring.  The.  MEAT.

By the end of the month we'll have a solid idea of where we are heading down the way.  We'll be looking forward to Conference Championship week, and heading down the stretch run in the NFL's regular season.

One more month and we'll know where we all, as Jabrones, far and wide stand.

Until then, here's another point update.


He who trusts in Sam Bradford doth feel the pain of a thousand loses.

The Vikings not only shit themselves Monday, but their aim was so bad they somehow missed their pants, getting crushed by the born loser (in football not in life) Jay Cutler & Company.

Let's light up a victory smoke, Jay.

That eliminates Joe and Hale and also gave Rob his first strike of the season.  So what does that mean?

Means this mother fucks.

Adam  :)
Rob    X
Folden X
Everyone Else

As far as points go, it guarentees the three of us left some mos def points.

I am guarenteed the 10 points for making it past week 9, although that won't be factored in until it's actually earned.  Rob and Folden can each get that 10 points if they survive through this week.  Other than that we are all playing for the 60, 40, 20 points that goes to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

If Folden and Rob were to go out this week they would split 2nd and 3rd points for 30 each.  If we all went out in the same week, we'd split the total sum of 120.  Just a heads up if we get to that point.


College pick'em was sheered by Voyten this weekend.  Putting up 12 with the next closest at 8.  Geiss and Gary led the way in the Pro Pick'em with 9 a piece.With a total of 20 on the week, Shawn also won the bonus.

Here's the way the bonus has paid out so far.

Week 1: Adam (5 pts)
Week 2: Adam, Eplin, Joe
Week 3: Folden & Joe
Week 4: Colin
Week 5: Folden
Week 6: Colin
Week 7: Folden
Week 8: Gary
Week 9: Shawn

Overall, Dan seperated himself from the crew a little bit.  He's 1 up on Joe, 4 up on Gary, 5 up on Me, Colin, Folden, and Eplin.

In College pick'em I was able to raise my lead back to 5, but where as a few weeks ago it was Folden, Myself, and Colin in contention things have changed.

I have 90, Colin, Folden and Joe are at 85, Gary and Shawn at 83.


Green means still in it: Yellow means teetering: Red means out (for all intents and purposes).


Carolina:  They got a win this weekend keeping them with a relative chance to win their division or get a wildcard spot.  A few people have them in or winnng the NFC Championship so that's a break for us.

Arizona:  They started really shitty, but have turned it around a little bit.  They were 1-3 and now sit at 3-4-1.  Luckily for every NFC team, only 3 teams have 5 or more wins.  1 of those is the implodable Falcons, one is the collapsing Vikings, and one is Dallas, who is starting a rookie QB.  After that there are 9 teams with either 3 or 4 wins.  meaning that noone is really out of it yet.  Except the 49ers.  They just suck so bad.

Dallas:  Speaking of Dallas, they are at the top of the NFC right now, which is awesome for Voyten, Munez, and Geiss who had the stones to keep them winning the NFC East after Romo got hurt.  The bad news?  Every NFC East team is above .500 right now.

So, nothing redded out in the NFC yet.


What the fuck is going on in the AFC West?

Oakland, Denver, KC:  All 3 of these teams still are in teh division race.  None of them have more than 2 losses.  I guess Oakland has the tie breaker right now, but who the hell knows how this shakes out.

Houston, Jacksonville, Indi:  All three of these teams were picked to win the division, and so far, Houston is the only one that's living it up.  Jacksonville is about one more loss away from hitting the red though.

Jets:  Two desperation wins have kept their season alive.  And, with games against Miami and LA before their Week 11 Bye, they could reasonably get themselves back into this.  They have 2 brutal games against NE but the rest of the schedule sets up nice for them.  Win one of those against NE and beat the bad teams, New York could have a shot. Still,  I feel more comfortable with them as an Orange then as a teetering team.


I tend to lean a little heavy on the college predictions during these updates, so I'll make this one a little more brief and give a bigger update next week on it.

Tennessee and Florida State.  Both of these teams had their 3rd loss of the season, so for anyone who thought there was a chance left, it went by the way side.

Stanford now has 3 losses in the PAC 12, which effectively ends their Conference championship hopes,

Here's a little one for you.  Georgia Southern and Lousiana-Lafayette have both been sucking ass in the Sun Belt, so let's red them out for Jim, Gary, and I.

That's about it there for now.


A subtle note of the playoffs in the air

Shawn 6-2
Jim 6-2

They're both 6-2 in a year where 7-6 looks like it's going to be good enough to get into the playoffs. Two more wins should do it.

The feeling good but could be feeling better group.

Colin 5-3
Rob 5-3
Joe 5-3

Each team is above .500 and in pretty decent shape at the moment.

The Even Stevens:

Gary 4-4
Geiss 4-4

What else can you say

Help Me

Hale 3-5
Adam 3-5
Munez 3-5
Eplin 3-5

We could all use a win, 4-5 puts you in position for a stretch run.  3-6 puts you in win or go home mode.

Shoot Me

Folden 1-7

Just get a couple wins to help with the overall standings.  His season is done.

Week 9 Schedule

Gary 4-4 vs Folden 1-7

Gary needs this one.  At one point Gary was 3-1 and has been sliding ever since.  This is a good spot to get back on track.

Rob 5-3 vs Munez 3-5

Munez put an absolute pounding on Gary last week.  His receiving core is strong and at full strength.  He needs to make some waiver wire glory to be able to put up another big number. Rob has bye  week problems of his own.  David Johnson and Lamar Miller are both on Bye.  Other than that, he has a pretty decent lineup, albeit no bench.

Adam 3-5 vs Geiss 4-4

Geiss is back from the dead, I said Good Looorrddd.  3 wins in a row and he comes ready to step on my throat and send me back to the woodshed.  This is a seperation game for Geiss, as a win here pushes a 3-5 team back further and puts him in a playoff push.

Hale 3-5 vs Eplin 3-5

Talk about a go big or go home week.  Eplin is at the bottom of the league in points so, a tie breaker scenario looks bad for him.  Hale needs his team to get healthy quick.  Eplin's in an...ok situation right now.  his team is fucked on byes in week 11, so he needs to get back to .500 in the next two weeks.

Jim 6-2 vs Joe 5-3

This is the War of Attricion Battle.  They are a combined 5 games over .500 despite being 9th and 8th in scoring this year.  I predict this game score ends up somewhere around 30-29 or so.


Shawn 6-2 vs Colin 6-2

Oh Baby, oh mercy.  This is a bush burner.  This is a stick your tongue in her fart box matchup.  The two highest scoring teams in the league do BATTLE. There projection is within a point of each other. LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE.

I was going to do a point update, but man, I wrote a lot today and didn't get a lot of work done.  AHHHHHHHHHHHH.  Til next week.  FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! 

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