Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Point Update For Reelz 'Dis Time

Gonna bring you guys some stank on some points.  But first the usual


Still 3 of us.  Rob, Folden, Adam.  We all have earned our 10 points for making it past the halfway point in the season.  That will be factored into the points.


Gary and Munez led the way with 11, and a bunch of people had 10.

Gary and Colin led the way int the NFL with 10.

Obviously, Gary won the bonus.  His second in three weeks.  Did you start paying someone to make your picks, Yingst?  Shooting up the standings lately.

Overall, I maintain a 5 point lead over Colin and a 6 point lead over Gary.  Shawn and Folden are 8 back, and Folden fell back to 9 back.

In Pro Pick'em, Geiss holds a razor thin 1 point lead over Joe, 2 over Gary, 3 over Colin, 4 over me, and 5 over Eplin and Folden.


Nothing much to talk about in the predictions this week, so we'll just jump ahead to Fantasy Football

In a shootout that had a combined 280 points, I beat Geiss to move to 4-5.  Geiss and I are

Jim took Joe out by 2 points and moves into sole possession of 1st place.  Joe moves down to 6th place on the playoff bubble.

Shawn got spanked by Colin.  They share the 2 and 3 spots.

Gary took care of Folden's shitty team to move to 5-4.  Folden is 1-124.

Rob narrowly beat Munez to move to 6-3.  Munez to 3-6

Eplin eeked out Hale by 5, moving to 4-5.  Hale to 3-6.

Playoffs as of right now look like this.

1. Jim

4. Rob
5. Gary

3. Colin
6. Joe

2. Shawn

As far as playoff likelihood we're getting closer to that.  There are 4 games to play.

1. Jim has a 3 game lead over the playoffs, but his point total is pretty low (tiebreaker).  Jim will likely need to go 1-3 down the stretch to get into the playoffs, so he's pretty well set.

2-4  Shawn, Rob, Colin

These 3 are the top 3 point scorers, and have a  2 game lead over the playoffs.  1-3 would likely get them in, but not for sure.  2-2 is a pretty sure thing.

5-6  Gary and Joe
7-9 Adam, Geiss, Eplin

Here's the meat of the playoff race right here.  Gary and Joe are each 5-4.  The 3 of us are 4-5.

It's likely to come down to whoever can get to 7-6 and keep a good point total.  Joe may need to go 3-1 to make the playoffs. 2-2 should be good for Gary.

Eplin's pour point total means he'll likely need to go 4-0 down the stretch.

10 -11  Hale & Munez

Lose and you're out.  That simple

12. Folden



Fantasy wins + college pick'em + pro pick'em + Survivor Pool + (bonus) = Total

Jim 70+80+67
Rob 60+81+76+10
Colin 60+95+80+(20)
Shawn 60+92+76+(10)
Gary 50+94+81+(20)
Joe 50+92+82+(20)
Adam 40+100+79+10+(15)
Geiss 40+88+83+
Eplin 40+89+78+(10)
Hale 30+81+65
Munez 30+88+74
Folden 10+91+78+10+(30)

1. Colin 255
2 Gary 245
t3 Adam 244
t3 Joe 244
5 Shawn 238
6 Rob 227
7 Folden 219
t8 Jim 217
t8 Eplin 217
10 Geiss 211
11 Munez 192
12 Hale 176

So there's the standings.  To give an idea of the importance of the pick'em and bonus.  Although Folden is in last in the fantasy league, he is above Jim overall who is in first.  Makes a big difference to do well in those pick'ems.

Colin has been in 1st for 2 consecutive point updates now.  Joe has gone from 1st to 2nd to 3rd in three updates.

Obviously.  As usual.  The big updates come in about 4 weeks.  But this is how she stands as of now.

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