Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Update City

Here's an update of the events that recently transpired in our pathetic fantasy lives.


So, Folden & I took Baltimore over Cleveland.  Rob took Arizona over San Francisco.  Steady as she goes.   No loses or any changes.


Pro Pick'em

Geiss has maintained his lead in the pick'em, and things remain close.

Eplin & Rob led the way with 8 correct a piece.

Overall, Geiss has a 2 point lead over Gary, and a 4 point lead over Eplin, Joe, and myself.

College Pick'em

I have maintained my lead over the field, but not without letting things get super close.  Shawn crushed the pick'em with 14, Joe with 13, Hale with 12, and four people at 11.  I was back at 9 letting the field close in.  

There are only 3 weeks left in the college pick'em so make your moves boys.

Overall, I have a 3 game lead over Shawn and Colin and a 4 game lead over Joe.  Gary is 7 back.

Shawn won the bonus with 20 correct predictions.


Lots to report on this front, but let's start with last week's results.

Gary took a garbage time Antonio Brown to top Colin.

Rob pounded Folden, leading to Folden's 9th straight loss.

Munez beat up Eplin to stay alive.

Joe put up a huge number beating Shawn.

Jim continued cruizing, beating Geiss.

I squeaked by Hale, making him 3-7 on the season, eliminating him from the playoff race.


Current Playoff Standings

1. Jim

4. Shawn
5. Gary

3. Colin
6. Joe

2. Rob

Three weeks to go.

1.  Jim is all but mathematically into the palyoffs.  He's 8-2 with a 3 game lead on the playoffs with 3 to play.

Playoff chances 99.5% (none of these percentages are actually math based).

2.  Rob is 7-3, with a high point total.  Only losing out and losing a tie breaker would keep him out.

Playoff chances 97%

3 & 4 Colin & Shawn.  They are both 6-4 with 1183 & 1187 points scored.  That's 100 points higher than anyone that could test them.  One win should net them a playoff spot.  Losing out would make it tough.  As long as they're team doesn't start putting up like 60 point games, tie breakers shouldn't be an issue.

Playoff Chances 75%

5.  Gary is 6-4 with a good point total.  His situation is similar to Colin & Shawn but with 80 less points scored he is more susceptible to someone overtaking him

Playoff chances 64%

6.  Joe is 6-4 but has only outscored me by 12 points, meaning a tie breaker between he and I is very much up in the air.  He does have a game up on the playoffs, so he's still trending in the right direction.  He has a tough road down the stretch though.

Playoff Chances 57%

7. Adam -  I'm 5-5 with 3 games to play.  I'm close to Joe, as mentioned before, and have a decent schedule in my favor.  I'm 5-2 in my last 7 games, but sit a game back

Playoff Chances 41%

8.  Geiss - Geiss is 4-6 and needs some help to get into the playoffs.  He's certainly able to help himself out, with games against Shawn & Gary remaining.  He's going to need to win out and get some help.  But he could still take a tie breaker away from many people if his team shows up.

Playoff Chances 20%

9 and 10.  Munez & Eplin are in different situations.  With lower point totals they are going to need to win out & hope that a lot of teams in front of them lose.  Gary & Joe play each other next week, meaning one of them will lose.  If Eplin can beat me, and Munez wins they would each be 1 game back of the last playoff spot with 2 games to play.  They basically would need to win out, hope that Gary, Joe, Shawn, or Colin loses out, and that I go 1-2.

Playoff Chances 2%

11. Hale has lost 4 in a row and needs a miracle to sneak in.  Based on the schedule that's left I'm not even sure if it's possible, but I'm not sure.

Playoff Chances 0.1%

12. Folden

Playoff Chances:  Yahoo clitch that changes all of our records, and Yahoo refuses to acknowledge or change anything.


Jim 8-2 vs Hale 3-7

This game has a lot less impact that most of the other ones so it'll be covered first.  Jim's pretty much just working on a bye now.  Jim can officially clinch a playoff spot with a win or another loss from me.

Hale needs the aforementioned miracle to get into the playoffs, but there are still 10 points in the overeall standings up for grabs.

Munez 4-6 vs Folden 1-9

Munez needs a win to stay in it.  Folden needs a good soak.

Adam 5-5 vs Eplin 4-6

This game has a lot of impact on the standings next week.  A loss for me sure's up the playoffs for a lot of people.  Me losing could mean a clinched spot for Rob & Jim.  Eplin needs to win to stay in it.  I need to win to not be on skid row.

Geiss 4-6 vs Shawn 6-4

This game works as an elimination game for Geiss as well.  Geiss's best player is on bye, and so is Shawn's.  They are both riding 2 game losing streaks, and one will get on the right track.

Rob 7-3 vs Colin 6-4

The last thing Colin needs is another loss.  Although he looks great for the playoffs now, he looked better last week.  And, another loss would decrease those chances again.  Rob can punch his ticket with a win and an Adam loss.


Joe 6-4 vs Gary 6-4

Man, who else could it be?  The 5 & 6 seed playing each other.  The result of which puts one in the drivers seat for the playoffs and the other one potentially on the outside looking in.  A lot at stake for these two teams this week.

That's it.  Make sure you guys all say your prayers & take your vitamins.  What ya gonna do?  When Hulkamania runs wild on you.

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