Monday, November 14, 2016

Prediction Heavy Update

Another week in the books.  And finally, a little clarity is starting to come out of some of the predictions.  We'll start with the NFL.

There isn't much to take off yet.  But a couple of things have become clear.

The Jacksonville Jaguars aren't going anywhere but down this year.  They are twink bottom's, and the rest of the NFL are their power tops.  That leads to a red out for me, having them win the division.  Also, for Jim and Voyten for having them in the wildcard.

Of course none of this is mathematical yet, but the writing's on the wall.

This can also be said about the lowly, Bryce (rather it be Tom) Petty starting at QB.

Nothing else really looks all that clear except for the Top three picks in 2017 draft category.

Basically, anyone that is 5-4 or better I marked out of this category.

So, Detroit, Phili, Miami, Oakland, Tennesee, and Dallas were all marked out.

This is one each for everyone, 2 out for Hale, and none marked out for Geiss & Rob.

Individual award are a little diffrent.  The rushing title is Elliott's to lose, and Folden was the only person to pick him.  Colin has David Johnson, who is about 300 yards behind him, but we'll leave him as a possible at the moment.

Receving yards leader - 11 of the 12 of us had Antonio Brown, with Eplin choosing Julio Jones.  Julio has a good lead over the next closest Brown is almost 300 yars back.

Our sacks leader category.  Everyone is still in it but Voyten, Munez, Rob, and Hale who all chose J.J Watt.

Intereceptions leader- Four people had Marcus Peters who is tied for the lead league with 5.  The other 6 people who were chosen for this award have a combined 7 interceptions.  So, do with that what you will.  Earl Thomas and Patrick Peterson have 2 each, so I suppose if they get hot they can make it to the leaderboard.

That's about it for the NFL this week.


So, College went a little crazy this weekend.  So crazy, in fact, that not that much changed.  8 top 25 teams lost, and 5 in the top 10.  So when the dust settled nobody had vastly improved or fallen back.

If anything, it opened the door for teams like Oklahoma to maybe squeeze their way in.  So, we'll just leave the Playoff alone right now.  Let it play itself out.

As far as the conference champions go.


This conference we all have Houston, so although it's starting to look like the may lose it.  It's irrelevant for our purposes.


If Clemson beats wake forest they are in the championship game.  Good for the 10 people who picked them to win the ACC, bad for the 2 that didn't.

Big 12 is similar.  Oklahoma wins it if they beat WVU and Oklahoma State.  Oklahoma State gets it if they win out.  WVU wins it if they beat Oklahoma and Oklahoma beats OK State.

Only person this matters for is Jim, who was the only one who took TCU instead of Oklahoma.  So he would be rooting against Oklahoma.  Irrelevant for the rest of us.

The Big 10 is a bit more crazy.  We all took Michigan or Ohio State. And Shawn took Iowa.  If Michigan wins out, then they are in the conference championship.  If Penn St wins out and Ohio st wins out, then Penn St is in the conference championship.  If Penn St loses and Ohio St wins out they are in the conference championship.  Gun in mouth.

Conference USA's championship game is going to be between Louisiana Tech and either Old ODominion and Western Kentucky.  Most likely Western Kentucky.  Rob, Hale, and I were the only ones to take Western Kentucky.  Noone else took the other 2 schools.  Lots of Southern Miss down the shitter.

MAC - the MAC is shaping up to be between Western Michigan & Ohio.  Geiss being the only person to not choose one of those schools is the only one that's out.

MWC - This one is a little bit more muddled.  San Diego St has won their side of the conference. Wyoming was in the driver's seat but lost to UNLV this weekend.  That puts them, Boise, and New Mexico all at the top of their bracket.  If Wyoming wins out they will play in the conference championship, but they play 2 tough games against SDSU & New Mexico.  So, this may be Boise State's conference still.

We all had either Boise or SDSU.

PAC 12 - Most people took Stanford.  But, Hale, Munez, Joe, Voyten, and I took Washington.  If Washington beats Arizona St and Washington State they are in the Conference Championship,.  If not they aren't.  That simple.

The SEC is between Florida & Alabama. That's it there.

The God Loving Sun Belt - Gary, Jim, and I have already been eliminated in this conference.  Everyone else has Arkansas St or App St.  Arkansas St and Troy are still in this one, and play each other this weekend to see who has the lead.  Applachian St needs to win out and get some help.

So that's it.  Will do a short fantasy, pick'em, survivor pool update tomorrow.


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