Tuesday, October 25, 2016

10-25 Update: All Hallows Eve Edition

Welcome to a super spooky, out of this world edition of Football God: Update.  Hope you brough your iron will, and your worst fears.


This week in the Ghoul Pool, Geiss met his untimely demise, as the (choke choke) Falcons lost to Laser Face and the rest of the Chargers.

This leaves Rob and I without a strike.  Hale, Folden, and Joe with one strike a piece.  Keep in mind that people get 10 points for making through Week 9.  Two more weeks before the Ghoul Pool starts to pay out.

College Pick'em

This past week I took a real slashing in the standings.  I was mauled over.  I shrieked when I saw the results, and I'm scared of the future.  Enough heavy handed Halloween references though.

After putting up solid numbers and building up a good lead all year, I managed to get 4 out of 16.  Joe and Gary took mad advantage of my let down, putting up 13 and 12 respectfully.

This week has tightened up the standings as now my lead has shrank to just 2 over Joe, 3 over Folden, 4 over Colin, and 5 over Gary.

Professional Pick'em

Geiss and Joe maintained a solid 8 this week, which keeps them tied for the lead.  This allowed about half of the league to pick up some ground on them one way or the other.

There lead sits at 2 over Eplin and 3 over Colin and Folden.  Big ups to Jim this week for not making his pro picks.  He's heading to John McLane territory here.

Gary got the bonus this week, putting up 22. Way to go Yingst.


Not too much to go over here.  Ohio State took their first loss of the year, which would normally put them in trouble for the College Football Playoff.  But, the douchebags that vote on the polls had them drop a solid 4 spots about losing to an unranked team.  So...whatever...Must be nice.

Other than that Michigan's joke of a schedule ha put them solidly in the number 2 spot.

Interestingly, Houston has lost it's 2nd conference game of the season, putting them in desperation mode, as far as winning their conference goes.  Sadly, no one had the stones to be against them, so it's sort of a moot point.

Fantasy Football

Week 7 is in the books.  Here's where we stand.

Shawn 5-2
Colin 5-2
Rob 5-2
Jim 5-2
Gary 4-3
Joe 4-3
Hale 3-4
Adam 3-4
Geiss 3-4
Munez 2-5
Eplin 2-5
Folden 1-6

I actually predicted the correct outcome of all the games last week.  So...bully for me.

Week 8 Schedule

Joe (4-3) vs Adam (3-4)

My squad has been up and down all year.  I put up a big number against Colin, while Colin put up a yuge number.  Joe has been steady as she goes.  On pace for a play off.  runs into a couple of match up issues this week, and Lev Bell is on bye.  Gronk has decided to start gronking off though.  I see a let down week for Joe.

Prediction:  Adam 112 Joe 101

Shawn 5-2 vs Folden 1-6

Poor Folden.  Team put up so numbers this past week and he still couldn't pull it off.  After a Week 1 win, Folden is sporting a sweet 6 game losing streak.  He's going against Shawn who is in 1st place in the league.  I mean, it's a lot more fun to pick upsets.  But, I just can't do it this week.

Prediction: Shawn 123 Folden 96

Rob 5-2 vs Eplin 2-5

Talk about another sorry team.  Eplin has had to deal with many players hitting the IR, and this week he barely has enough able-bodied running backs to field a lineup.  Rob has David Johnson, who basically jizzes on faces on a weekly basis. This game stinks of a blow out.


UPSET ALERT:  Eplin's officially hit the point where names don't matter for shit.  He's throwing his best case lineup in the middle of a worst case scenario.  I think he's down by double digits heading ot Monday, and Asiata brings the Big Ups to put him over the top.

Eplin 111 Rob 109

Gary 4-3 vs Munez 2-5

Tough sledding for Munez this week.  Put into a tough spot with 6 of his players on bye and 1 of them announcing his RETIREMENT, Munez literally has to start everyone that's playing but his backup QB.

I think Gary's got the goods to go this week.  Sorry Munez

Prediction:  Gary 85 Munez 78.

Jim 5-2 vs Colin 5-2

Usually a 5-2 vs 5-2 game gets top billing, but we're all about the unconventional this spooky season.  We'll make this one simple.  Colin's at full force and his team is one to reckon with.  mouth fucking all the way around.

Prediction: Colin 145 Jim 117

 Game of the Week

Geiss 3-4 Vs Hale 3-4

No game has a more guaranteed effect on the standings this week then Hale and Geiss.  Hale's team is full of backup running backs, Green Bay packers, and hurt players  Geiss is nearly at full steam, although without Beckham.  his squad is on a big up swing at the moment and I like it to continue.

Geiss 133 Hale 109

So, that's it for the week.  remember to check to make sure that your candy and condoms don't have holes poked in the wrapper.

Happy Halloween.  From Jay Cutler.

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