Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Update 10/18: Bathe in the Blood

What's up wanks.   Time to hit it.


Well, last week was a bloodbath.  Last week I predicted that 2 of the 3 of us would get our 1st strike and 3 people would be eliminated.  I underestimated that a little.

Munez, Colin, Eplin, Jim, and Shawn were all elimanted picking Pittsburgh.  So, Gary has been joined all of a sudden by 5 other people.
Joe gained his first strike as well, banking on Pittsburgh.

Geiss, Hale, and Folden stayed alive, picking Tennessee.

Rob & I took Buffalo to remain the last two who are strikeless 6 weeks into the season. On another note, I looked back to last year.  And, I have now gone 17 consecutive weeks without a strike, dating back to Week 2 of last season.  Fuckin aye.  Knocking on wood for this one.



Tennessee got spanked by Alabama this weekend, giving them their 2nd consecutive loss and pushing them out of the National Title picture (most likely)

Also, UCLA has fallen to 1 and 3 in the Pac 12, meaning they are likely out of the Pac 12 Championship picture.  Eplin is just....He's really taking a beating in the predictions right now.


Folden was able to score 10 last week ahead of a few that had 9.  Colin only scored 7, dropping him into 3rd.

Overall,  I am in the lead with 78, Folden is 4 back at 74, and Colin is at 71.


Folden and Rob both tied with 12 points this week, giving Folden the bonus in the pick'em.

Overall, Geiss and Joe hold the lead in the pick'em, with Folden a point behind.  1st and 11th in the pro pick'em are only seperated by 7 points.  Hale is way back, 14 behind.


Here are the points scored in the pick'em bonus so far this year.

Folden 30
Colin 20
Joe 20
Adam 15
Eplin 10


Last night was pretty wild for our league.  David Johnson put up 37 points for Rob, helping him eek out Shawn by less than a point for the win.

Brandon Marshall brought Folden within a point of me in the first half, only to not touch the ball again.

Carson Palmer through a TD pass to Michael Floyd in the 4th quarter that put not only Gary on top of Eplin, but also Munez ahead of Jim.

Now six weeks in, here are the standings.

Shawn 4-2
Rob 4-2
Colin 4-2
Gary 4-2
Jim 4-2
Hale 3-3
Joe 3-3
Adam 3-3
Geiss 2-4
Munez 2-4
Eplin 2-4
Folden 1-5

All of our 4-1 teams lost, while two of our 1-4 teams won.  Tie breakers aside, there are only 2 games between 1st and 11th in the league.  So where do we go from here?


Adam (3-3) vs Colin (4-2)
Colin has hit a rougher part of his schedule, with bye weeks hitting him hard.  He has Kelvin Benjamin and Ezekiel Elliott out this week on Bye, giving my inferior squad an advantage.  I'm going for my 4th win in a row.

Prediction: Colin 115 Adam 103

Folden (1-5) vs Jim (4-2)
Jim finally gets some running backs into his lineup this week, and his team is looking more formidable then it did the last couple of weeks, Folden is trying to get on the winning track of things after suffering his 5th straight loss.  This one should be close.  Jim's team has had a couple of rough weeks.

Prediction:  Jim 91 Folden 88

Hale (3-3) vs Joe (3-3)
Hale has won his 3rd straight game, but plays Joe without Cam Newton in his lineup this week.  This opens the door for Joe, who i seeing his team finally get back to full strength.  With Landry Jones at QB, you can only expect Leveon Bell to carry the ball at least 300 times.

Prediction Joe 120 Hale 105

Geiss (2-4) vs Eplin (2-4)

Eplin's team continues to try to find it's footing.  A lot of high draft picks not living up to potential are hurting him this year.  Geiss is coming off of a YUGE game from ODB.  Add in TY Hilton and Edelman, Geiss may have the most dangerous receiving core in the league.  Whoever wins this game will be only 1 game out of the playoff race.  So mark this as a big'un for both squads.

Prediction Geiss 117 Eplin 83

Munez 2-4 vs Shawn 4-2

Munez comes into this game a pretty big underdog to Shawn based off of the projections.  Shawn's team is a well oiled machine at this point, with big point potential from most of his roster.  I'm predicting a bigger week from Munez's backs though and I think this game is going to be close.  If Munez could get a living breathing receiver into his lineup I think he actually could win too.  But, as it stands.

Prediction Shawn 135 Munez 122

Rob 4-2 vs Gary 4-2
Gary and Rob come in with good records and a game that's projection is only a point apart.  Gary is dealing with his stud TE on Bye and a couple of tough matchups.  Rob's RB's nearly scored 100 points last week so what the hell.  I think Gary's team takes a powder this week, and gets ready for the rest of the season.
Rob 126 Gary 91


Might as well throw the totals in while we're at it.

Fantasy wins (10 pts apiece) + college pick'em + pro Pick'em + pick'em bonus = Total

Rob 40+61+55=
Shawn 40+66+52=
Jim 40+58+52=
Gary 40+65+52=
Colin 40+71+54+(20)
Hale 30+64+44=
Adam 30+78+51+(15)=
Joe 30+67+58+(20)=
Eplin 20+67+55+(10)=
Munez 20+66+51=
Geiss 20+64+58=
Folden 10+74+57+(30)=

1. Colin 185
2. Joe 175
3. Adam 174
4. Folden 171
5. Shawn 158
6. Gary 157
7. Rob 156
8. Eplin 152
9. Jim 150
10. Geiss 142
11. Hale 138
12. Munez 137

I'll try to get another point update in the first week of November.  Until then, munch on shit.

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