Thursday, October 13, 2016

10-13 Update: Rise of the Undeserved

What's up partners.  Back with another erection inducing update for you guys to swallow.


Oh me, oh my.  There were a couple of interesting matchups this past week.

Eplin was able to topple Joe despite only scoring 85 points and keeping a man who didn't play in his lineup.  I mark this win UNDESERVED.

Jim on the other hand, dealing with injuries and bye weeks made a great pick up of Artmis-Payne, who scored 2 suprising touchdowns.  Jim also forgot to actually put Artmis-Payne into his lineup, meaning his RB1 and RB2 on the week scored less than 1 point.  But, Rob's team laid a big egg, despite David Johnson putting up 36 points.  Jim's win is UNDESERVED.

Seriously guys, let's get our lineups straight.

In other games, I squeeked by Munez by 5 points moving me to 2-3 and Munez to 1-4.

Hale beat Folden to move to 2-3.

Our two most interesting games though came down to Monday night.

Colin needed every thing Mike Evans could offer before finally pulling ahead of Geiss in the 3rd quarter of the Monday Night game.

Gary and Shawn's game came down to the last drive of the game.  Jaquizz Rogers and Greg Olson both put up big numbers leading to about 8 lead changes in their game throughout the night.  Shawn pulled it out in the end though.

Here are your standings through 5 weeks.

Colin 4-1
Shawn 4-1
Jim 4-1

Gary 3-2
Rob 3-2
Joe 3-2

Hale 2-3
Adam 2-3
Eplin 2-3

Geiss 1-4
Folden 1-4
Munez 1-4

I appreciate the symmetry that our standings have brought us yet again.

So, what lies ahead in Week 6?

Munez 1-4 vs Jim 4-1
Munez needs a win badly, and is matched up against the continually prevailing Jim.  Jim's been on the right side of luck so far, and it maybe the coin flips this week in Munez's direction.  Their projections for the week are less than 0.25 of a point apart.

Gary 3-2 vs Eplin 2-3
If we had a Survivor Pool for fantasy, my pick would be Gary this week.  Eplin's Rb's are all hurt, and even if they don't play theree's a chance that he keeps them in his lineup anyway.

Geiss 1-4 vs Joe 3-2
Geiss is in a fuck I need to win now situation just like the rest of the 1-4 teams.  Geiss, unfortunately, is going against Joe in a week, where he's projected to put up 123 points.  Yikes.

Adam 2-3 vs Folden 1-4
Folden comes in a 20 point underdog this week.  He has a lot of question marks at RB, but a lot of studs at WR.  His team is sort of a boom or bust on a weekly basis here.

Rob 3-2 vs Shawn 4-1
Rob is trying to mitigate two bad performances from his team in a row, while Shawn's team continues to fly high.  Both of these squads are impressive and should be playoff teams.  Maybe this is a preview of a playoff matchup?

Game of the Week
Hale 2-3 vs Colin 4-1
While Hale is only 2-3 his team is actually 4th in points scored this year.  He has the most points against this season and is actually projected to beat Colin this week. Colin has target monster Mike Evans on bye, and Elliott is facing the Packers run defense who has only given up like 170 yards ALL SEASON.  Coln's best asset is his depth, so he can usually run out a formidable lineup.

Hale's biggest issue is that just about every one of his starters is questionable for this weekend.  If they all play, I think I like him this weekend.  Interesting game for sure though.


Last week was basically the equivalent of a bye week for everyone in the Survivor Pool.  10 of the 11 of us took New England, save for Geiss who had already used them.  He took Pittsburgh and nobody really had to sweat it out.

Week 6 should be much more interesting.  Joe, Rob, and I remain strikeless.  The other 8 people all have one strike.  This is a week, in which, there are no really clear teams to take, and as people keep using the best of the best, it starts to get murkier.  I'm going to make a prediction that by the end of this week, there is only 1 team without a strike, and 3 people have been eliminated.


Last week,  Colin and Folden were able to outscore me by 1 point, and pick up a game.  Eplin took the week with 9 points.

Overall, I have a 5 point lead over Colin and Folden.  Everyone else is at least 10 points back.

In the Pro pick'em Joe put up an 11 point week. Joe now leads the pro pick'em by 1 over Geiss and by 4 over like 5 people.

Colin was able to win the pick'em bonus with 18 points, Joe and Eplin right behind at 17.


Congrats, Stanford.  You stink pal.

Blandford's 2nd loss in a row knocks them out final four contention.  This put a red mark against gary Rob, and Jim, the first final four team to get eliminated for each of them.

That was also Gary's National Champion runner-up.

Stanford isn't quite out of the Pac 12 yet, although their chances are clearly looking bad. The two teams in front of them are Washington and Washington State, both of the teams they lost to.  They'd basically need to win out in the Pac 12 and hope those teams fell apart.

Tennessee also lost, which obviously isn't a big help for their final four hopes, there is still a chance for them.  They play Alabama this week.  A win here helps their chances.

No point update this week.  Later bitches.

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