Thursday, September 29, 2016

9/29 Update

This is going to be quick, I don't feel like doing this today.


Colin, Rob, and Gary improved to 3-0.

Shawn, Jim and Joe are at 2-1

Folden, Eplin, and Munez are at 1-2

Me, Geiss, and Hale at 0-3.


Colin won the pick'em bonus of 10 points.

Overall, I have a 5 point lead over Colin in the College Pick'em, 6 point over Folden, and 7 over Munez.

Pro Pick'em, Joe has a 1 point lead over Geiss, 2 point lead over Eplin and Folden, and 3 point lead over Colin, Shawn, and Gary.

Survivor Pool

Last Week, Munez got a strike for picking Houston.  Hale a strike for picking Pittsburgh, and Geiss, Colin, Folden, and Gary a strike for picking Arizona.

That's also Gary's 2nd strike.  Last year he finished in 11th, this year 12th.  Good job on Survivor Pool, Gary.

Three weeks into the season, and Joe, Rob, Jim and I are the only ones without a strike so far.


Jim vs Gary
Shawn vs Eplin
Rob vs Adam
Hale vs Munez
Colin vs Joe
Munez vs Folden

I might do a point update next week.  although they're pretty irrelevant til November.  Lates fucks.

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