Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pro Prediction Reveal

The time has come to see our future failures.

Super Bowl Champions

Our Superbowl predictions were represented by 3 NFC teams and 2 AFC teams

The Steelers (for the first time ever) were the leading team in Football God with 5 predictions.  That brings out big time Big Ben Rapelisberger face.

The Arizona Cardinals were close behind with 4.  Other than that we had 1 each for the Packers, the Pats, and the Panthers.

In the Superbowl participants the Steelers also led the way with 9 people picking them to represent the AFC.  The only three that didn't have them were Myself, Hale, and Folden all with New England.

In the NFC it's more of a mixed bag.  Four people had Arizona in the Superbowl, three Carolina, three Greenbay, and two Seattle.

The AFC & NFC Championship game losers are a mixed bag of those 6 teams, with the exception of Hale and Eplin having Denver as the AFC Championship game loser.


Half the divisions this year are piss pour diarrhea as far as parody goes.

The divisions highlighted in yellow are the AFC & NFC north, the AFC East and the NFC South.  Everyone chose the Panthers, Packers, Pats, and Steelers for obvious reasons, so let's move on from there.


This was pretty even across the way, with 6 people choosing Houston and 5 Luck, and the Brocks.
people choosing Indi.  I chose Jacksonville, and while Jalen Ramsey, Blake Bortles, and I are cigars with lit $100 bills laughing, the rest of you chumps can enjoy your picks of the ultimate fuck faced Andrew

In other news, Andrew Luck was named the most butt ugly human on earth for the 25th year in a row.

Geiss's Marbles

Most people took KC in the NFL's first Peyton Manningless season.  Three people took Denver, which I stayed away from.  Mainly because they're starting a guy at QB who I've never even heard of.  That's a rare feat.  Geiss stepped up big and had the balls to take the Oakland Raiders.  Love the ballsy pick.  Most people probably considered it at some point, I know I did.


I assume that this division was probably more varied before Tony Romo crumpled to the ground in a fit of lady-like back pain, but 3 people still managed to pull the trigger on them.  Most people rolled the dice on the Giants, which is fine.  A couple of people took Washington too.

Truth is the NFC East is pretty much just a war of which team can fuck up the least.  It's basically just pull up your jock, go out there and try not to fuck up.  Nothing glamorous,  nothing sexy, just don't fuck up.  Probably lead to Eli and his dumb fetus face getting another Super Bowl ring somehow.

God I hate his fucking face.  His stupid fucking faggot face.


7 votes for Seattle, 5 for Arizona.  Amazingly 4 people have Arizona winning the Superbowl and only 1 more has them winning their own division.  People are either very hot or very cold on them this year.


The Wildcards are all over the place this year, here is the breakdown.

KC 1

That's 10 different teams represented, no team having more than 5 picks.

So who are the losers who noone picked?  Let's have a quick in memorium for the jerk offs.


The NFC Wildcard isn't as varied as the AFC but still  has a few in there.

Arizona 6
Tampa Bay 5
Minnesota 5
Seattle 4
Washington 2
Atlanta  1
Dallas 1

Only 7 teams are represented here.

Here are the sorry sacks of shit that got no love from any of us this year.

That's New Orleans at their best.

Today while I was driving to the gym I saw an old woman (70+) wearing a custom St. Louis Rams jersey that said #11 Rock Solid on the back.

That was cool.

Obv, I'm not going to go through the individual awards and the other shit, because I'm tired and horny.  

See yinz at the draft later.  

Let's have a blast this year!

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