Thursday, September 1, 2016

College Prediction Reveal

Thanks to everyone for getting your college picks in.  Now I'm going to make fun of them.  The easiest way to view this is to pull up a 2nd web browser and put them next to each other.

National Championship:

We had 6 people chose Alabama in the obvious pick of every year selection.  Three people choosing Clemson, two choosing Oklahoma, and our returning champion Jim picking Ohio State.

Our runners up were more varied.  3 selections for Florida State, 2 for Alabama, 2 for Clemson, 3 for LSU.  Jim took Alabama, and Gary took Stanford.

Only one of us had the balls to pick a team outside of the preseason top 10 to finish in our final four.

So, I'm going to review/roast each person's picks from here on out.


I really enjoy Eplin's picks this year.  He was the only person that had the balls to keep Alabama out of the final four.  And he's the only person that will certainly not get any points when Alabama definetely wins the SEC and makes the College Football playoff.

Eplin's final four consists of Michigan, Florida State, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.  I think Eplin thought we were doing the College Football Playoff for the 1999 season.

Eplin also took UCLA to win the PAC-12.  He's the only person that made this pick.

Eplin basically moved to Tennessee a year ago and has bought into the hometown hype.  if he had moved to Charlotte, he'd have the Charlotte 49er winning the Sunbelt and in the College Football Playoff.

Eplin was also the only person to chose Baker Mayfield to win the Heisman.  I don't trust anyone whose first name is the same as a profession.  That's like someone being named Accountant Smith, or Locksmith Johnson.

In any case, his picks are risky but i like it.  Good luck homey.


Munez basically bet the house on LSU this year.  He has Leonard Fournette winning the Maxwell, Doak Walker, and Heisman award.  He has Les Miles winning the Coach of the Year.  He has LSU losing the national championship, and in the final four.  And he has the SEC being won by...Alabama?  Seriously?  Let me check that again.


Yep, Munez has LSU winning just about everything except their own conference.

Munez also has what I think is the BALLSIEST pick of the year, picking Clemson to be the TOP 10 team that falls out of the top 25.

Balls to the Walls.

These two had the most interesting picks of everyone, so the rest will be much shorter.


About 2 weeks ago I sat down and went through my final four.  I ended up with Alabama, Florida State, Clemson, and Oklahoma.  I thought I was so clever.  "Noone will think of this,"  I thought.  Then I looked up the Coaches Poll and saw the top 4.

1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Oklahoma
4. Florida State

Way to go Adam, you really got 'em.

My picks are pretty much that way all the way down.

Chalk, chalk, chalk.

I bet big on Florida State though, having them lose the national Championship, and having Dalvin Cook win both the Heisman and Doak Walker.


Our returning champion came in with a couple of interesting picks.  He's the only person that has Ohio State winning the National Championship.  The only person with TCU winning the Big 12.  And one of only three to have Stanford in the final four.

He is one of two with Leonard Fournette winning the Heisman.


Voyten's big bold pick this year is having Iowa win the Big 10 and finish in the final four.  That's the lowest ranked team that anybody has in there.

Voyten also rest heavy on Florida State like me, having them in the finals, and having Dalvin cook winning the Heisman and Doak Walker.


Folden made a lot of picks similar to the rest of us.  There isn't really much that sticks out from his.

JOE:  Ditto to Folden's


Colin brought a couple of interesting picks to the party.  One of the only 3 people to pick Michigan and LSU.  Colin also picked Miami to finish the highest in the top 25, which was the only person to pick that.


Geiss was the only person taht took Bowling Green to win the MAC...So that's neat.


Rob took Florida State to finish out of the Top 25.  Cool.


Hale took Oklahoma to win the National Championship.  Apparently, he hasn't watched Bob Stoops coach a big game since 2002.


Gary made picks too.

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