Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 2 Update

Just a short update to let ya'll know where we stand on a couple of things.

Pick'em point bonus.

In Week 1 I earned the 5 point bonus by predicting 15 out of 18

Week 2's 10 point bonus was earned by Me, Joe, and Eplin with 27 correct a piece.

Eplin had 18 college 9 Pro, 17 and 10 for me, and 16 and 11 for Joe.

Survivor Pool

Who would get struck first?  Gary was the only person to take a strike in week 1 of the season, picking the Colts to beat the Lions.

Eplin had Houston who overcame a slow start to get the job done.

Munez had the Packers who sweated out a late rally by the Jags.

Shawn had KC who had to come back from 18 down to beat the Chargers in OT.

The rest of us had Seattle who were losing until a TD sealed it in the final seconds of the season.

Otherwise, things were fairly standard throughout the league.  No big upsets in college football.

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Week 1 showed the following results:

Jim defeated me to start the defense of his Football God and Fatasy Championship.

Shawn scored the most points in the week beating Hale.

Gary rode Deangelo Williams and Antonio Brown to come back on Geiss despite Kenan Allen's injury.

Rob took advantage of Joe's 2nd rate starting line up.

Colin started off strong beating Munez.

Folden won the least deserving victory of the week, putting up 85 points and defeating Eplin's 80.

That's it for now scumbags.

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