Wednesday, September 21, 2016

9/21/2016 Mini Update

What up, Fucks.  Week 3 of Football God is in the books and we're gonna go through a recap.


Folden and Joe both put up 21 points this week, giving them the 10 point bonus.  Joe put up 11 in a tough week of college, while Folden put up 13 dick pounding points, coming back from the brink of the abyss to snag those sweet sweet bonus points.

Overall,  I have a 4 point lead over Folden and Joe in the college; and, Folden keeps a 1 point lead over Joe in the Pro.  Lots of dick left to suck though before the overall standings really mean anything.


BANG BANG.  Eplin and Shawn took one of the chin this week, each taking those Turd Sandwiches from Seattle who lost to the Not St Louis Rams.

Eplin, Shawn, and Gary hang off the edge of the mountain, clinging to their life, calling for help.  But, noone is coming to help.  Either hold on for the long ride, or plummet into the darkness, never to be heard from least until next season.


Colin, Voyten, Gary,a nd Rob are off to great 2-0 starts.  Jim, Joe, Eplin, and Folden are at 1-1.  Hale, Geiss, Munez, and I are stuck in the muck and the mire, trying to slog forward, only to move backward at 0-2.

This week's games.

Rob 2-0 vs Hale 0-2
Geiss 0-2 vs Munez 0-2
Joe1-1 vs Folden 1-1
Eplin 1-1 vs Colin 2-0
Jim 1-1 vs Voyten 2-0
Adam 0-2 vs Gary 2-0


HOLY SHIT.  I red out people's predictions out when they are extremely unlikely to impossible to take place.  And, my god did Oklahoma out do itself in shittiness.

3 weeks in and they are DONE.

That's a redmark for Eplin and Hale's National Championship.  Folden's runner up.  And a final four team for Me, Folden, Joe, Geiss, Hale, and Eplin.

Obviously, there's still plenty of ball to play, and every other team could decide to audibly fart as hard as the "Not gonna happen very 'Soon'ers," but it's safe to say they are pretty much butt fucked to mediocrity.  Obvs, they are still in the Big 12 race, since that hasn't even happened yet.

Florida State took a powder last Saturday too, getting beat by 248 by Louisville.  In the immortal words of early 2000's musical abortion Linkin Park, Florida State is one step closer to the edge, and they're about to break.

Florida State could still sneak into the final four if they win out tough games @ south Florida and Miami, and home games against UnC, Clemson, and Florida; And, they'd need Louisville to lose twice (they play Houston and Clemson still).  So, for now I've got them yellowed out, meaning basically they can fuck all they want, but they might not get to cum.

That would basically fuck Eplin's national championship game completely.  While fucking me and Voyten's runner up.  As well as many people's final four.

The only 3 people who haven't suffered a final four team loss yet are Jim, Rob, and Scary Gary.

I'm gonna leave you guys with the immortal words of Colonel Sanders.  "I'm too drunk to taste this chicken."

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