Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Weekend Recap

No point update this week, but I will give you guys a quick recap of the Football God happenings.

Survivor Pool - The castration of Eplin and the worst pick of the year

The survivor pool has become like a scary movie, and every week is a different murder scene.  This week Eplin got his balls cut off, and then left alone to bleed out.  Somehow Jay Cutler took the lowly Bears to their 2nd straight win.

Not a bad pick by Eplin, it's never a bad idea to bet against Cutler.  However, this week, YA BURNT.

Other than that, everyone else took a nice heaping serving of Green Bay, New England, and Atlanta.  All three of them stayed undefeated, keeping the other six 1-strike players in contention.

Voyten, the last person to have 0 strikes, did a classic Clint Hurdle and overthought things until he had the HOUSTON TEXANS picked.  That's the equivalent of starting Sean Rodriguez in the wildcard game.  That has to be the worst pick of the year.

Anyway, we're onto week 6 and left in the running are Folden, Voyten, Geiss, Munez, Adam, Joe, and Rob.  Not as many obvious games this week.  I have a feeling the herd is going to be gutted this weekend.

Pick 'em  The rise of Jim and Civ.  The fall of Gary

For the 2nd straight week, Civ has gathered the 10 points in the pick'em bonus (this time without a tie).  Even more impressive than that, in two weeks Civ has gone from 11th place in the college pick'em to 4th.  What's even more impressive than that is that right now Jim is leading BOTH the college pick'em and pro pick'em.  I'm going to go on record in this update, and say that picking the Pro Pick'me straight up is a fucking joke, as Jim having a 6 point lead on Gary becomes nearly impossible for Gary to come back from, even though we're only like 30% of the way through the season.

Speaking of Gary, two weeks ago Gary had a monster lead in the college pick'em, and one average week + one dreadful week now has Gary in 3rd.  Fortunes can change much quicker in the college pick'em.

Fantasy Football

Folden beat Geiss.  Folden stays undefeated and has an early 3 game lead over the playoffs.
Civ wins 2nd in a row over Eplin.
Gary pummeled Voyten
I beat up on Munez
Jim kicked the shit out of Rob
Joe got a much needed win over Colin.

So where does that put us?

Current Playoff Picture

#1 Folden (bye)
#2 Jim (bye)

#3 Gary vs #6 Adam
#4 Eplin vs #5 Voyten

That's the way the playoffs would go if they started today.  To show how quickly things have changed, two weeks ago I was 0-3 and in 10th place.

Right now everyone from 6th place to 12th place is either 2-3 or 1-4.  So realistically, Geiss could jump from 12th to 6th in a week or two.  That is if his team stops chugging cum and decides to score some points.

In a league this tight, tie breakers may turn out to be the big difference, and we all know that points are the tie breaker.  Right now Rob and I have the big lead in that department over the rest of the sub .500 gang.

That's all for this week.  I'll be back later in the week for a weekend preview.

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