Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Football God Update: 10/6/2015. Civ decided to join us.

After basically not playing for the first 4 weeks of the season, Civ has joined the party.  Civ was able to not only win his first fantasy game of the season, but also won the week of college pick'em and earned the weekly bonus.  Holy shit.  Well done, Civ.  Thanks for joining.

SURVIVOR POOL:  Two more bite the dust.

However, we'll start this update in the one place where Civ did not go well.  This was our most varied week of selections by far, with San Diego, Denver, Cincinnati, Indi, Green Bay, and Arizona all being represented.  5 of the 6 teams selected won their game, with the exception of Arizona.

That gave Civ and Colin their 2nd strike of the season, dropping them from the Survivor Pool.  They join Gary and Jim on the trash heap.

Also, Geiss received his first strike of the season, meaning that Voyten is only person who hasn't earned a strike.

We are at a point where this could literally be over in one week if everything fell Shawn's way.

College Pick'em

Civ dominated the college pick'em this week, ending 3 points higher than anyone else.  This brought him back into the fold overall.  Gary is in the lead overall with 56 points, with Shawn all the way down at 43.

Pro Pick'em

Gary, Shawn, and Jim all lead the way in the Pro Pick'em, correctly picking 10 of 16 games.  With Civ only getting 7, this brought a tie between Civ, Jim, and Gary for the 10 point bonus, of which they will all receive.

The Pro pick'em is now a tie for Jim and Colin with 41 a piece.  Many people are close.


The league went a little screwy over the weekend.

Let's start by talking about Rob and I's game.  I beat Rob by 86 points.  His team put up 45 points for the week.



Did you read that.  


Rob's team put up 3 1/2 times more than that the week before.  The next lowest point total in a week this year is 65.  Twenty points less.

I could have benched all of my players after Thursday night, and still be rob by 3.  Unbelievable.  I believe I achieved my victory with Sheer Domination.  ;)

Also, Civ was win less and beat undefeated Shawn by 30.

Munez beat Geiss to go to 2-2.

Eplin beat Colin by 13 to go to 3-1.

Jim went to 3-1 by beating Gary.

and Folden stayed the leagues only unbeaten team by beating so far hopeless Joe, knocking him to 0-4.

Our two time defending champion in some early trouble whle trying to 3peat.

Right now our fantasy playoff picture would be as follows.

Folden 4-0 on bye
Jim 3-1 on bye

Shawn 3-1 vs 2-2 Gary
Eplin 3-1 vs 2-2 Rob.

Other than that, Munez and Colin are also at 2-2 but outside of the playoff race based off of points.

Next is myself, Civ, and Geiss at 1-3.

And finally, lowly, lowly Joe all alone at 0-4.


I figured it's October, it's not going to hurt to give an overall point update.  Here's how the points are tabulated.

Fantasy wins (10 points each)
plus College pick'em score (1 point per correct pic)
plus Pro pick'em score (1 point per correct pic)
+ (bonus points)

Later this will include predictions and survivor pool, but as of right now it's not relevant.

Folden 40+47+38+(10)=135
Jim 30+52+41+(10)=133
Voyten 30+43+39= 112
Eplin 30+49+35+(5)=119
Rob 20+48+39=107
Colin 20+52+41+(10)=123
Munez 20+53+37+(10)=120
Gary 20+56+35+(20)=131
Adam 10+49+36+(15)=110
Civ 10+48+31+(10)=99
Geiss 10+46+40+(5)=101
Joe 0+52+37=89


1 Folden 135
2 Jim 133
3 Gary 131
4 Colin 123
5 Munez 120
6 Eplin 119
7 Voyten 112
8 Adam 110
9 Rob 107
10 Geiss 101
11 Civ 99
12 Joe 89

Obviously it's early, but is it possible that John has left a curse on his brother.  One that demands a McLane be the worst team in our league?  I don't know.  In any case, as you all know, the winner of Football God will end up north of 800 points for the season, so we still have a lot of juice to suck out of this lemon.

Peace out, girls.

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