Thursday, October 1, 2015

Big Dick Updates: 10/1/2016

Another small update for you filth balls this week.

Another One Bites The Dust:

Gary made the mistake that many people in the greater New York metro area have made time and time again, by trusting the Jets to do anything but let you down.  Gary's joined Jimbo on the trash heap of the Survivor Pool.

I don't know what you guys think, but this Survivor Pool shit is a lot of fun.

Geiss and Shawn still have the distinction of being the only two who still don't have a strike.  Everyone took either New England or Seattle, with the exception of Eplin who took Arizona.

Onto week 4.  2 eliminated, 2 with perfect records, 8 with 1 strike.


Folden grabbed the 10 point bonus for week 4, by picking 23 correct picks for the week.  Overall, Rob holds a 1 point lead over Colin in the Pro Pick'em with 33.

Gary has a 3 point lead over Munez in the college pick'em with 47.

Fantasy Football

Week 3 of Fantasy Football results.

Voyten moved on to 3-0 defeating Jim.

Rob  beat up on Geiss, putting out a huge point total.

Folden moved onto 3-0 nearly doubling up Eplin.

Colin beat up on Civ as well.

Munez got out of the cellar putting a beating on Joe.

And Gary beat me by 3 points, because the Jets Cunt of a coach activated Chris Ivory and then sat him on the sidelines ALL FUCKING GAME.

At this point Shawn and Folden are the only unbeaten teams left in the league.  While myself, Joe, and Civ are all in last place at 0-3.

At 2-1 are Rob, Eplin, Colin, and Jim.

At 1-2 are Munez and Geiss.

This weeks Games.

Adam 0-3 vs Rob 2-1
Civ 0-3 vs Shawn 3-0
Joe 0-3 vs Folden 3-0

All three of these games have similar story lines.  3 teams off to good starts against 3 teams trying to stay relevant.  Sort of like the Steelers v Ravens game.

Geiss 1-2 vs Munez 1-2

One will fall to 1-3, one will get to .500

Blowout of the Week Predicton:  Eplin over Colin.

Colin has lots of questionable people in his lineup this week. I don't think Fitzgerald can keep the magic going 3 weeks in a row, and Karlos Williams is due to not score a TD at some point.

Eplin's team is healthy, hungry, and ready to rape.


Jim (2-1) v Gary (2-1)

Jim's team is getting beat up, but he still has Luck, Brown, and Hopkins.  Gary's starting a WR at RB, so how do you not put him in the Game of the Week.

Until next week, eat my shit, faggots.

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