Thursday, October 8, 2015

Weekend Preview

Week 5 of the fantasy football season is on the horizon so let's do a little preview.

The first trade of the season went down this week with me sending Justin Forsett to Munez for Lagarette Blount and Greg Olson.

Let's see if the trading block fills up.  Onto the matchups.

Jim (3-1) vs Rob (2-2)

Rob comes back after a rough performance last week.  He has Todd Gurley and Foster finally both fully healthy.  Jim keeps chugging along, putting up consistent numbers each week.  I think Rob's going to be a force once Big Ben and Dez come back, however I think Jim wins this one, while Rob struggles through another tough week.

Adam (1-3) vs Munez (2-2)

In what may be the dumbest move of the season, I traded for a player on bye, and gave Munez a solid running back to play on me.  This may be the dumbest move I've ever made, and I'm sure it'll lead to me being 1-4.

Voyten (3-1) vs Gary (2-2)

Gary and Voyten both have solid teams.  They both are projected to have solid weeks.  Nothing more to say about this one.

Eplin (3-1) vs Civ (1-3)

Civ and Eplin are on opposite sides of the standings.  But, a solid game by Civ has given him some momentum.  Maybe it'll continue.

Upset Alert:

Joe (0-4) vs Colin (2-2)

Joe made a good point to me the other day.  His team has been outscored the most in our league more than 100 points.  That's a staggering number.  Colin has some health/bye issues, so I think this week is the week that ends the streak, and our champion tries to reclaim some former glory.

Game of the Week:

Folden (4-0) vs Geiss (1-3)

Geiss is in need of a win to stay competitive, but it comes against the only undefeated team left in the league. This is the game of the week because each team is set to score a lot of points.  This game could easily end up very close, with each team over 130 points.

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