Sunday, November 29, 2009

Week 12, check that, Week 13 update

Hey guys, sorry there was no update last week. With the holidays and shit, I never got around to it. I'm a bum, I don't know what else to say. I'll make up for it this week by giving some in depth analysis.

College Football. Ok, I'm going to through each person's pre season predictions for the conference championship games. The way they worked out were like this

Big 12 Championship

Nebraska vs Texas
predicted game exactly (45 points) - Adam, Joe, Voyten, Geiss
Got at least 1 team (15 Pts) - Jim, Folden, Andrew, Colin, Munez
Got neither (0 Pts) - Rob

ACC Championship

Georgia Tech vs Clemson

Predicted game exactly (45 pts) - nobody
Got at least 1 team right (15) - Voyten
Got neither (0) - everybody else

SEC Championship

Florida vs Alabama

Predicted Game Exactly (45) - Joe, Colin
Predicted 1 team correctly (15) - everybody else

MAC Championship Game

Central Michigan vs Ohio

Predicted game exactly (45) - nobody
Predicted 1 team correctly (15) - Adam, Jim, Geiss, Folden, Joe
Predicted neither (0) - Voyten, Rob, Munez, Colin, Andrew

Conference USA Championship Game

East Carolina vs Houston

Predicted game exactly (45) - Adam, Geiss, Jim, Voyten, Joe
Predicted one team correctly (15) Andrew, Folden, Rob, Colin
Predicted neither (0) Munez

So if you add that up, you get these totals

Joe - 150 pts
Adam 120
Geiss 120
Voyten 120
Jim 90
Colin 75
Folden 60
Andrew 45
Rob 30
Munez 30

Big ups go to Joe, who correctly predicted three games exactly right. Panty moistening foresight right there.

Next week, I'll have the totals for the Conference champion predictions as several are still up for grabs. Big ups also go to the Conferences for their scheduling this year. Aside from the 5 conference championship games this week, Oregon & Oregon St play each other for the PAC 10 title, and Cinci & Pitt play each other for the Big East title.

That means that as of right now only 4 of the 11 conferences have been decided. Those winners, so far, are TCU in the Mountain West, Ohio State in the Big 10, Boise in the WAC, and Troy St in the Sun Belt. The total updates for college will come next week.

College Pick 'Em

At one point this year, I was running through the college pick 'em at a rampant and insatiable pace. Well, I peaked too early, and now my lead has been knocked down to 1 point with one week left in the regular season. Our totals on the season.

Adam 142
Andrew 141
Folden 137
Colin 131
Munez 130
Joe 129
Geiss 127
Rob 125
Jim 124
Voyten 121

Congrats to Rob on getting out of the cellar here. It took awhile, but he's pulled himself up to 8th.

Next up, let's go to the NFL. Here are the pick 'em totals so far (without counting Pittsburgh game or NE & NO games).

Jim 125
Munez 121
Colin 121
Folden 117
Geiss 117
Rob 115
Adam 113
Voyten 112
Andrew 111
Joe 109

This coming off of Geiss having a ball hanging 12 out of 14 to go up the rung a little bit. Not much else changing though. Let's see what two weeks of no updates has done with the overall pick 'em total.

Adam 255
Folden 254
Andrew 252
Colin 252
Munez 251
Jim 249
Geiss 244
Rob 240
Joe 238
Voyten 233

This could change a tiny bit, depending on a couple of things. Joe, Folden, & Geiss picked Pittsburgh. So depending on how these games go, the scores could change a tiny bit.

So Indi clinched their division today. Without a doubt so much earlier, than you would think. That means that everybody will get points for that, aside for Munez, who didn't have Indi even in the playoffs, and Colin who had Tennessee winning that division.

It's official too, Geiss & Joe's prediction of Chicago to win the NFC North is now impossible. I believe that since Minnesota has the tie breaker over GB for winning their two head to head games, that Minnesota needs just one more victory & one more GB loss to clinch their division. It's official that Colin and Rob's pick of Carolina won't be winning their division. Rob also had them in the Super Bowl, and although it may still be mathematically possible for them to make the playoffs. It is a long to the 12th power shot.

In the AFC West it appears that the Cardinals are going to win their division again. The 49ers still have a shot, with a relatively easy schedule remaining, and one more game against the Cardinals still ahead. Seattle is all but out of it, 3 games out of first, with 5 remaining. This is good for Jim, Folden, Colin, Rob, & Joe, who each have Arizona winning that division.

In the NFC East not one of us had Dallas winning that division. They have a one game lead over Phili and a two game lead over NYG with 5 to play.

Everybody picked NE to win their division and they are well on their way of accomplishing that. In the AFC West San Diego has a 1 game lead over the Broncos, who finally regained their V card against the Giants. The Broncos are 7-4, a team that 6 out of the 10 of us had finishing in the worst three teams in the league this year.

The three worst teams in the NFL right now are Tampa Bay, Cleveland, & St. Louis who all sit at 1-10. I'll be back tomorrow or Tuesday with our overall totals so far for the season & Fantasy Football updates. Next weekend I'll tally up all of the College Football Preseason Predictions and let everybody know where they stand. Until then, smell ya later.

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