Saturday, November 7, 2009

week 10 results - let's get to this one nice and early

Well boys, sorry once again for all of the lateness. had a crazy week. college football is starting to shape up, meaning that we have our first successful predictions of the year. So, from now on, we will have a 4th category in the totals, this one being the successful predictions category. This week, Florida and Bama locked up their inevitable match up in the SEC title game, giving everybody 15 points for picking that correctly. However, Joe and Colin had Bama in the game, too. This gives them an additional 15 points for that, plus 15 more points for picking the exact game. So, the way it looks for prediction points is this.

Colin/Joe 45
Everyone else 15

In Big 12 north news, it appears that the last game of the regular season between Nebraska and Kansas St could be the decider on who plays (most likely) Texas for the Big 12 championship. That's a suprise, and it's a meaningful game, because several people picked Nebraska to play for the Big 12 championship this year.

In other Big 12 news, Rob's national championship team, Oklahoma, dropped to 5-4 on the season.

The ACC is shaping up. Clemson (who none of us picked) controls their own destiny in the ACC Atlantic divison. The only other team with a shot to displace them is BC (who none of us picked)
On the other side, GT also controls their own destiny, needing only to defeat Duke to win the ACC coastal division. If this happens, it will guarantee that Voyten is the only person that will gain prediction points off of the ACC this season.

The Big East has scheduled intelligently again, their top 3 teams, Cinci, Pitt, and WVU, play each other for the Big East title in the next few weeks. All three teams are esentially in a win out and you're in situation. Cinci and WVU did so, suspectly holding off the Big East's bottom rung teams, while Pitt looked strong again. Geiss, Jim, & Joe have WVU winning the Big East, while Shawn, Andrew, and Munez have Pitt.

The Big 10 is essentially down to Iowa and Ohio St. Meaning that if Ohio St can win out, myself, Geiss, Jim, Shawn, Andrew, and Munez will gain points. If Iowa wins, then nobody will get any points.

Conference USA remains my favorite conference to follow for football God on a week to week basis. Houston's awesome comeback against Tulsa knocked them out of contention for the conference, assuring that Rob & Munez won't correctly predict the champion. However, the rest of us, who chose ECU, Marshall, Houston, and Southern Miss to win the conference are still very much alive. Also, Southern Methodist remains a contender. However, they would need Houston to slip up to have a chance.

The Mountain West has their biggest game of the season coming up next weekend. TCU welcomes Utah to their home in a game that could essentially seal the Mountain West for them if they win. If they lose, then Utah is in the drivers seat, but still has BYU to play. Jim & I both had TCU winning it, while the rest of the field is split between BYU and Utah. Also, Colin's Colorado St pick is now 0-5 in conference play. Shoot yourself in the head.

The MAC is still clogged up and not worth talking about. 5 people's choices are out, 5 of ours still have chances.

The Sun Belt is Troy's to lose, and the WAC still has all of it's big games to be played.

Oregon's loss has opened the PAC 10 to all sorts of wonderful scenarios. Oregon and Arizona are currently in the lead, with Stanford, Oregon St, and USC all one game behind. Oregon still has to play Arizona & Stanford. Arizona still plays Oregon & USC. Stanford plays USC next weekend. USC stanford and Arizona. And Oregon St plays Oregon. Tons of shit could still happen here.

So that's where we stand. One month of college football left, and this is all that's left to be done.

Onto the Pick 'Em. 14 out of the 22 games featured the underdog's beating the spread. This led to most people being near .500 or under for the week. Here are the totals.

Jim 12
Joe 12
Adam 11
Geiss 11
Rob 11
Folden 10
Voyten 9
Munez 9
Colin 9
Andrew 8

This brings the season totals to this

Adam 114
Folden 110
Colin 108
Andrew 108
Joe 104
Munez 101
Geiss 100
Jim 100
Voyten 97
Rob 93

With only 4 more weeks left in the regular season. I'll explain to you guys how the pay goes out for this. I looked up the rules a bit ago, because I didn't remember what we had said, and the way it works is this. The person who wins the college and pro pick 'em combined wins the $20 beans. I thought all year that these two were seperate, however I was wrong.

What this also means though is that when Bowl Season comes around we start things over. Each bowl game is done in pick 'em form with the regular bowls being worth 2 points and the BCS games 5. The NFL play off games are worth 5 points each and escalate throughout the rounds. We'll get more into that the further we get into the season. I realize that Football God rules need tweaked for next year, so any qualms you have with the structure this year make a note of and let me know.

NFL info tomorrow and Monday

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