Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Big Suprise, the Glove Wins Again

It was a thrilling day in the world of fantasy football last night. Munez, aka "the glove" clinched the first playoff spot of the year with his slim win over Folden. Drew Brees put together a pants cumming performance to slip my puck past Joe's goalie, eliminating his slim chance at making the playoffs. Colin beat Andrew 92-91 in what can only be compared to the Cleveland Browns vs the Buffalo Bills of not excitement. Rob finally overcame Geiss in the 4th quarter of last night's contenst to pull within a game of the playoffs, and Shawn beat Jim...nothing exciting there.

So where does this leave us? Well myself, Jim, and Joe are out of it, and Andrew and Folden are almost gone. They would need to win out, while getting some help from the people ahead of them. No it's really looking like it's just 5 teams fighting for 4 spots. By next week, things should be shaking out a little bit better. Next week's games look like this

Munez (best) vs Adam (worst) prediction Munez wins by so many points that I am forced to change my fantasy name to Kibbles and Vicks out of embarrassment.

Folden vs Colin & Andrew vs Rob- If Folden and Andrew are going to have any chance of making the playoffs it has to start here. If they can both win, that would tie the two of them up with Rob, and put them a game back of Colin with two games to play.

Jim vs Geiss - This is Jim's chance to play BCS Buster on the league. If Geiss wins here, he'll be in good shape. If he and Colin both lose, then when they play each other next week could be for a playoff spot.

Voyten vs Joe - Voyten's basically in, 1 more win in his next three will clinch it. Maybe it will be this week, maybe it won't.

So here are where the point bonus's are. and the pick 'em scores.

Munez - 100 + 253 = 353
Voyten - 90 + 235 = 325
Geiss - 70 + 244 = 314
Colin - 70 + 253 = 323
Rob - 60 + 242 = 302
Andrew - 50 + 254 = 304
Folden - 50 + 254 = 304
Jim - 40 + 250 = 290
Joe - 40 + 239 = 279
Adam - 30 + 256 = 286

Next week all of the College predicts will be in, aside for the national title and heisman trophy.

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