Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Football God VIII Final Results

So, the Superbowl is over, the individual awards are in, and we've got our final scores. 

As far as the scoring in the last week of the season, it was pretttttyyyy anti-climactic.  

Congrats to Rob and Gary on picking Todd Gurley as the Offensive Rookie of the Year.  That's the ONLY individual award anyone got.  Marcus Peters won Defensive POY, Cam Newton MVP, and Ron Rivera won Coach of the year.

Geiss was the only person who picked Denver to win the Superbowl in the pick'em giving him 10 points.  

That's it.  That's the end of the points scored.  So here's where that puts our final scores. 

1. Jim 763
2. Adam 707
3. Colin 680
4. Folden 634
5. Joe 624
6. Eplin 602
7. Rob 601
8. Voyten 591
9.  Geiss 569
10. Munez 564
11. Civ 524
12. Gary 485

Thoughts on the Final Scores:

Congrats to Jim on winning.  He took a victory in Fantasy Football and a strong showing in the predictions and rode it to victory.This is Jim's first title and 3rd time in the money.  Jim won $290 of the money.

I finished in 2nd place. I won $150 of the money.  This is my 4th time finishing in the top 2.  Winning the first Survivor Pool was the big difference between 2nd and 3rd for me, but I also was consistently above average in most other aspects.

Colin finished in 3rd and won his money back. This is Colin's 3rd cash in the last 4 years, keeping up a pretty consistent dominance.  Colin was runner up in the Fantasy League, and did above average in just about everything else.

Other Thoughts:

Well done to Joe. in 7 years of Football God he's never fallen below 5th place, which is pretty incredible. 

Good job to Eplin finishing in the top half of the standings in his first year in the league.

Well done to Geiss for fighting out of the cellar.  Not too long ago, Geiss was in last, but he ended up being one of the highest scorers in the last 6 weeks to move up to 9th.

Lastly,  I want you guys to think of any changes you want to propose for Football God.  I'd like to get these changes proposed now and voted on while the season is still fresh in our minds.

Congratulations to our winners.  

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  1. Wow, I'm a lefty too and i dont know if all that it true but still WOW! i never knew all those ppl wer leftys cuz awriter.org/ i aint american so yea. but still, nice work n u shudna put the jealousy part.... just sayin......