Monday, February 1, 2016

2-1 Update. Final one before the Winners

Hey fucks.  Here's a point update so we all know where we stand going into the final game of the season.

The only two people to get any points for either of the Super Bowl teams was Geiss and Munez who each got 20 points for picking the Broncos.

Joe and myself each got 15 points for having New England losing the AFC Championship.

Other than that a few people had picked a team or two right in the pick'em.

So, going into the last week of the season here are our totals.

1 Jim 763
2. Adam 707
3. Colin 680
4. Folden 634
5. Joe 624
6. Eplin 602
7. Voyten 591
8. Rob
9. Munez 564
10. Geiss 559
11. Civ 524
12. Gary 465

Here's how it can play out down the stretch.

Jim can only finish 1 or 2 at this point.  Colin is to far back to catch him.  For me to pass Jim, I would need 3 of these things to happen.

1. Jameis Winston to win OROY.
2. Vic Beasley to win Defensive ROY.
3. Mike Zimmer win Coach of the Year.
4. Andrew Luck win MVP.

I think it's safe to say that Luck and Beasley aren't going to win shit, so for all intents and purposes, Jim's our winner.  I've even sent his check to him in the mail today for 1st place.

2nd Place

I'm in 2nd place with a 27 point lead over Colin.  So here's how Colin can pass me?  Colin needs

1 or more of these to happen.

1.  Chip Kelly win coach of the year (no chance in hell)
2. Marcus Mariotta win ORookie of the year
3.  Leo Williams win D Rookie of the year.

It's unlikely that any of those will happen.  But, if it does, Colin would also need to pick over me in the Pick'em.

3rd Place

It's more likely that Colin is playing for 3rd.  And I'm not in any danger of falling out of the money, as I am only going to finish somewhere from 1st to 3rd (mathematically), and almost definetely 2nd.

Folden is 46 points behind Colin.  Folden would need 2 of these 4 things to happen, and also out pick Colin in the pick'em.

1. Aaron Rodgers win MVP
2. Amari Cooper win OROY
3. Eric Kendricks win DROY
4. Mike Zimmer win coach of the year.

So.  Overall it's likely that the money finishers are

1. Jim
2. Adam
3. Colin.

But nothing is for sure until Monday.  Hope you guys enjoy the Superbowl.

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