Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Football God IX Rules

Welcome back to another year of Hot Carl's brought to you by Your's Truly.  I'm mixing it up a little bit this year, so get ready for the the Thunder!

First off, here is how you win Football God.  

You need to have the most cumulative points between these different categories.

Fantasy Football
College Weekly Pick'em 
Pro Weekly Pick'em
Preseason Predictions
Survivor Pool
Bowl Pick'em

2016 Changes 

There are going to be some new points systems this year.  Mainly if you win something.  

Survivor Pool, College Pick'em, Pro Pick'em, Fantasy Football

1st place - 60 bonus points
2nd place - 40 bonus points
3rd place- 20 bonus points.

How is this different from last year?

Last year, Fantasy playoffs were worth 20 points a win, so you would still get 60 points for a fantasy championship, and 40 for second.  What we're taking out is the 20 points for winning your first round game.  That way the 3rd place game is actually meaningful.

College Pick'em, Pro Pick'em and the Survivor pool were only bonus points to the winner, the pick'em is such a grind throughout the year, it's almost unfair to only get bonus points if you win.  

2017 Change (Heads Up)

To dissuade people from tanking at the end of the year, starting next season, the team that finishes in 4th place in the total overall standings, will have the first pick in the draft next season.  You don't win any money, but it at least rewards your for having a fine season.  

The draft next year will go

#1 4th place
#2 5th
#3 6th
#9 Last place
#10 3rd place
#11 2nd place
#12 Champion

The draft this year will go reverse order of last years standings.

#1 Gary
#2 Munez
#3 Geiss
#5 Rob
#6 Eplin 
#7 Joe 
#8 Folden
#9 Colin
#10 Adam 
#11 Jim

I'll do a random drawing to pick where Hale picks in between here.  

Pro & College Pick'em

You receive one point for each game you predict correctly.  College is done with the ranked teams against the spread, pros is straight up.  There is a weekly bonus given to the team with the highest total points between both pros and college of 10 points.  If there is a tie, everyone receives the full bonus.  The weeks where only one of the two leagues is playing results in a 5 point bonus.  

At the end of the season if two people are tied in one of the pick'ems.  They will divide the points equally (i.e tied for 1st and 2nd would result in each person getting a 50 point bonus instead of 60 and 40)  

Bowl Pick'em

The bowl pick'em is against the spread.  You receive 2 points for each correct bowl prediction.  5 points for the New year's 6 bowls.  And 10 points for the Championship game.

However,  new to this year.  The person with the most overall correct predictions will win the 25 point bonus.  Make sure that you do the tiebreaker this year, as a tie in the overall standings will result in Yahoo! Tie breaker coming into play.

The bonus in the Bowl Pick'em will be 

1st 30 points
2nd 20 points
3rd 10 points


This year we're going to do a Coaches Fired prediction.  The way this works, you pick 3 coaches that you think will be fired this year with the cutoff being Black Monday (the day following the last week of the regular season).

It may take me a couple of weeks to get out the template.  So, here are the individual awards that we're going to predict 

1. Heisman Trophy
2. AP coach of the year 
3. Doak Walker Award
4. Biletnikoff Award
5. Lombardi Award
6. Thorpe Award
7. Butkis Award

1. MVP
2. Rushing Yards
3. Receiving Yards
4. Sacks leader
5. Interceptions leader
6. Offensive Rookie of the Year
7. Defensive Rookie of the Year
8. Coach of the year
9. Comeback Player of the Year

Each of these predictions will be worth 20 bonus points.

Another new Prediction we are going to do this year is a college futility prediction.
You pick 1 team that starts off in the top 10 of the preseason AP poll that won't finish in the top 25 at the end of the season.  This prediction will be worth 20 points.

Last season that only effected 2 teams (USC and Georgia out of the preseason top 10)

The last new prediction is going to be the College Football Suprise of the year.  This is going to be the team that starts off the season outside of the AP top 25 but finishes the highest in the top 25.
This prediction is also worth 20 points.

Survivor Pool

The Survivor Pool point payout has already been listed above for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

The way this works is as follows.   You choose one team each week that you think will win the game.  If you get it right you move on to the next week.  If you're wrong you get a strike.  If you're wrong a second time, you're out.

You can only use each team once a season.

I'm going to add in one more point wrinkle here.  If you make it through week 9 (the halfway point in the season, you will get 10 points.  Just a little something for your time.

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football will work the same as always


10 Points for a regular season win.  and the bonus points have been listed above.


Money is to be mailed to 1441 potomac Ave Apt 2: Pittsburgh, PA 15216 or put into the palm of my delicate hand.  Fee is $50 and I want the money before we draft, please.

If you want to send it through Pay Pal or any other online situation than I suggest you set up the pay pal for me or shove it directly up your ass.

Any rule that hasn't been listed here is subject to the rules of last year.  You can read those in the July 2015 archive of Football God VIII rules.  

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