Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 4, results and score totals

So we're now four weeks into the football god season. The posts will probably be sparing for the first half of the season, until things start to heat up. So, week 3 of football god showed Colin come ahead with the 5 point bonus again, scoring 28 points in the week. For week 4, Andrew, Bono, and Jim all scored 23 points to each, which puts them all in line for the 5 point bonus. Dallas and Washington could change that tonight. (UPDATE: Andrew and Jim win the 5 point bonus each this week)

So thoughts so far on pick 'em.

Folden's pick of Florida St to make it to the National Championship is dead in the water, after two consecutive loses. The same can be said about John's pick of Arkansas to the same game. That's the risk with taking ballsy picks. If you win, you look like a genius, and score lots of points over everyone else. If not, you can look like a bull headed dick face.

For the 5 of us that chose the Colts to win the AFC South, we can pretty much count that out. Kerry Collins looks like the same stiff, drunken self, unable to make a play. Thinking back over the course of his career, I can't remember a more boring quarterback to watch play professional football.

Let's open up a dialogue about this on facebook. Who's more boring to watch QB then Kerry Collins, that's been a starter in the league for a consistent amount of time? Trent Dilfer? Thoughts?

To give you guys a little bit of an understanding of what this season has brought us so far, the Raiders, Bills, Browns, and Lions are a combined 10 - 2. Out of all of us, only Folden had the Raiders in the playoffs, and I had the Lions. I realize that the season is really young, and lots of shit could still happen, but so far it's nice to see pretty much all of the worst teams of the last decade starting to get there shit together.

In fantasy football, Geiss got out of the cellar with his first win of the season, pushing me to 0-3 despite a recent trade that Munez and I made. Colin and Folden showed why they are ranked first and last in fantasy football this year, with Colin putting a harsh pounding on the defending champion.

Bono moved to 2-1 with a pretty good beating on Munez, who fell to 1-2, while Andrew (1-2) fell to Shawn (3-0)

Joe took it to Jim. Joe moved a game over .500, and Jim a game under. And stayed undefeated, going to 3-0 over John (1-2).

So that brings us to the point standings on the year.

So far in the College Football Pick 'em this year. Joe has an early lead with Andrew, Jim, Geiss, and Munez right on his ass.

RankPick Set NameTotal PtsW-L
1Joe McLane5353-27
4G ICE5151-29
5Chris Munez5151-29
7John McLane4949-31
8Colin R.4949-31
10Simon Woods4848-32
11Adam Johnson4747-33
The total scores for the season will look like this.

Fantasy Football wins (10 points each) + college pick 'em + pro pick'em + (bonus)

Joe 20 + 53 + 41 = 114
Andrew 10 + 52 +41 + (5) = 108
Jim 10 + 51+ 40 + (5) = 106
Geiss 10 + 51 + 34 = 95
Bono 20 + 49 + 40 = 109
Munez 10 + 51 + 38 = 99
Colin 30 + 49 + 46 + (10) = 135
John 10 + 49 + 38 = 97
Shawn 30 + 48+ 43 = 121
Simon 30 + 48 + 39 = 117
Adam 0 + 47 + 33 = 80
Folden 0 + 46 + 40 = 86

NOTE: 24 points is the bonus this week. Check your scores every week in case i fuck up. got it?

Record this season so far:

1. Colin 135
2. Shawn 121
3. Simon 117
4. Joe 114
5. Bono 109
6. Andrew 108
7. Jim 106
8. Munez 99
9. John 97
10 Geiss 95
11. Folden 86
12. Adam 80

Keep in mind that fantasy football has 6 people getting into the playoffs this year, so if you aren't where you want to be yet, there is still plenty of time. Seriously, check your scores fags. Let me know if i messed anything up.

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