Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Best, Worst, and Ballsiest

So, i know I never did a preseason prediction report. So, i figure we're only a couple weeks into the season. So, I"m going to go through a list of some of the best pics, worst pics, and ballsiest pics. Some of these will be group picks, some will be individual.

Best Pick: The parody in our Superbowl picks.

Every year, it seems like we only have two or three different teams winning the Superbowl, with one team receiving like 7 votes to win it. This year, that is not the case. This year we have EIGHT DIFFERENT teams predicted to win the Superbowl. Only New England, 3, Green Bay, 2, and San Diego, 2, have more than one prediction. The reason why this is so great, is that the Superbowl prediction is the last one to get counted at the end of the year. With this much parody in our picks, it's much more likely that the final week of Football God could be meaningful to the final standings.

Worst Pick: Everybody who picked Alabama vs Oklahoma for the national championship

I'm not saying it's not gonna happen. I'm not gonna say it's not the smart pick. But, I will say you have no balls. Bono may have had Oregon in the national championship, which is all but fucked now, but at least he went out on a limb and took a team that's not #1 or #2 in the pre season rankings. So, i think you are all pussies.

Ballsiest Pick: Folden picking FSU for the national championship game, John picking Arkansas

I love those picks. I don't care that FSU is starting off ranked high. That's a team that hasn't proven shit for about ten years. I'm sure they will probably end up losing 2 or 3 games this year, but awesome of Folden to take the risk.

John taking Arkansas is my favorite pick of the year. It's random, because Arkansas started so low, and one of a kind. And if Arkansas were to win the SEC they will end up in the National Championship. That's not going to happen. But, what I love about this pick is it found a way to be the most out there pick, while still being fathomable. Nice job, John.

Best Pick/Ballsiest Pick:

Folden taking the Raiders to win the AFC west. I guess we all forgot that the Raiders went 6-0 in their division last year, except for Folden. I certainly did. It's a best pick because, all they have to do is improve a little bit on last year, and they could win that division. It's also considered a ballsy pick, because IT'S THE FUCKING RAIDERS. While Al Davis is still alive (sitting in his castle, drinking the blood of still born children to keep his youth) you can't trust the Raiders.

Worst Pick: Andrew and Simon....idiot award winners

Andrew went out on a limb with his defensive player of the year award, taking RB Darren Mcfadden to win it. Andrew has had gaffs like this in the past, but this one was especially enjoyable to read.

Simon, on the other hand, chose Alshon Jeffrey, South Carolina's WR to win the Chuck Bednarick award. I don't know if Simon has insider knowledge Jeffrey is going to play defense this year, or if Simon just didn't realize that the Chuck Bednarick award is given to the best DEFENSIVE player in NCAA.

Ballsiest Picks: Play off pics

I was the only person to pick Detroit to go to the playoffs this year. Which isn't looking as bad as it did last year, but until that team wins something has to be considered ballsy.

Geiss took Seattle to win the NFC west, even though Tavaris Jackson is their starting QB. Tavaris Jackson is a no talent nig that needs to be out of the NFL and dead.

Shawn taking Tennessee to win the AFC South. I don't hate the pick. I don't love the pick. I'm completely numb to that pick, because it's not going to happen. But I appreciate him thinking outside of the box.

John taking Tampa Bay to win the NFC south. With powerhouses like NO and ATL in the south, this is a really ballsy pick. I'd love to see it happen, however unlikely it might be.


All of us, including me, who picked the Colts to win the AFC South. Given we didn't know the severity of PayPay's injury at the time. But, now we do, and now we're fucked. As Folden texted me the other day, "Kerry Collins just heard about facebook."

Best Pick: Suh for DPOY

I picked Suh thinking that I might be picking a sleeper. I thought most people would go with Clay Matthews or something. But, Suh dominated the picks, just as he will the NFL, and the pitter patter of my heart.

That's it. So, look up the rest of the picks if you want. I'm done with this bitch.

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